What is the Pass Rate for the Illinois Bar?

The IL bar exam is a six-hour comprehensive exam that tests lawyers in multiple legal areas. It takes focused preparation and dedicated practice to crack this exam on the first attempt. Around 3000 lawyers appear for the exam every year in locations notified by the board.

However, only over a quarter of the professionals who attend the exam are likely to fail. You may consider studying the syllabus and exam structure before you start preparing for the illinois bar exam. You gain the opportunity to practice as an attorney and to become state attorneys and judges by clearing the IL bar exam.

Illinois State Bar Exam- Pass Rate

The overall average pass rate for the Illinois state bar exam is around 68%. However, the rate may vary from year to year. The exam pass rate denotes the number of people who successfully passed the exam.

Fortunately, lawyers have unlimited attempts at the exam. However, you gain several benefits by passing the exam on your first or second attempt.

Candidates require a minimum score of 266 on the MBE and MEE out of a total score of 400 to pass the exam. You may also note that applicants will need a minimum MPRE score of 80 to be admitted into the bar.

IL Bar Exam- Structure

Aspirants will have to take MPTs, MEEs, and MBEs over two days. You may consider studying the syllabus in detail before appearing for the exam.

How to Prepare for the IL Bar Exam

You will need a viable preparation strategy to pass the bar exam on your first attempt. While the internet can give you all the information you need on application deadlines, pass rates, and the syllabus, your success will depend on how well you prepare.

Study and Understand the Syllabus

The topics to be covered include civil procedure, contracts, constitutional law, torts, real property, criminal procedure, secured transactions, conflicts of law, and laws relating to trusts and estates.

It is recommended you do detailed research on each of these topics to ensure success. The structure and style of the questions may change every year.

You may be risking failure by ignoring specific topics. You should stick to the bar exam syllabus and not waste your time reading topics outside the syllabus.

Practice Regularly

Illinois bar authorities conduct the Illinois bar exam twice a year in February and July. Students and lawyers who plan to take the bar exam should also submit character and fitness applications. If you are an aspirant, you could try practicing question papers regularly.

Regular practice can give you exposure to the exam style and improve your speed in answering questions. Candidates face 200 multiple-choice questions during the MBE.

You will have better control over time and the questions with frequent question paper practices. Some candidates also attend model exams to boost their chances of success.

Apply for the Exam

Track the application deadlines and other relevant details related to the Illinois bar exam if you are an aspiring candidate. Applicants must pay around $950 as application fees to appear for the exam.

Late fees could apply if you do not meet the application deadline. It is also critical to learn about the location of the IL bar exam. You can contact the Illinois bar association by filling the prescribed contact form if you have any doubts or queries.

If you cleared bar exams in another state, you could transfer the scores to the IB bar exam.

Wrap Up

The IL bar exam follows a UBE grading format. The results and test scores are usually mailed to the candidate. You may consider contacting the board if you don’t receive your scores after eight weeks since the exam.


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