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Best Places to Study Law in America

Law schools are assessed based on several factors such as research quality, teaching quality, learning infrastructure, student satisfaction rates, and career prospects. Rankings like the QS World University Rankings and ARWU can help students identify the best law schools in the country.

It is essential to invest in an excellent legal education if you dream of becoming a successful lawyer. Students should research how to pick a law school before shortlisting the best ones. You can obtain better job leads, access to influential networks, and exposure in the legal field by attending a reputed law school.

Yale University

Yale law school, located in New Haven, Connecticut, has retained its top-ranking for decades. Yale follows stringent, structured admission procedures and has challenging acceptance rates of around 6%.

The law school is renowned for its legal research system and its excellent publications. Publications like the Yale Law Journal are considered some of the most highly cited publications in the US.

Yale graduates typically enroll in private practice or work in federal and state government organizations, including the President’s office. Students will need average LSAT scores of around 173 to get into the prestigious Yale law school.

Harvard Law School

The preeminent Harvard law school is the oldest operating law school in America. The school is home to the largest academic law library in the world.

Harvard offers excellent research opportunities and independent writing opportunities to students. Students can apply for both JD programs and higher legal education programs at Harvard law school.

The University of Chicago, School of Law

The Chicago law school is renowned for its world-class facilities, cultural richness, and integrated curriculum. Courses relating to corporate and transactional law, political science and law, and legal history offered by the law school are some of the best in the country.

Students would require minimum LSAT scores of at least 170 to get into the prestigious Chicago law school. The Chicago law school exposes students to contrasting views to foster ideation and innovative thinking.

Stanford Law School

The Stanford law school stands apart with its innovative teaching methods and top-rated infrastructure. Students and alumni can choose from a range of career and growth opportunities after their Stanford law education.

The school boasts a median UG GPA of around 3.9. Stanford aspirants will need to score at least 173 in the LSAT to be considered for admissions.

New York University, School of Law

The NYU School of law offers joint programs and specializations. The school has retained its ranking as one of the best law schools in the United States for decades.

As per ARWU rankings, NYU is the fourth-best law school in the world. Popular specializations include innovation and information law, litigation, arbitration, international business regulation, and environmental and energy law.

NYU’s pre-law program is one of the most sought-after pre-law programs in the country. The school has an average UG GPA of around 3.7.

Columbia University, School of Law

The acceptance rate at Columbia law school is around 18%. Students will need a GPA of up to 3.7 and an LSAT score of around 172 to get into the prestigious law school.

The Columbia law school has several reputed faculty members, top-class facilities, and excellent law programs. Students can apply for JD programs, double degrees, and foreign law degrees.

UC Berkeley, School of Law

Berkeley’s IP and environmental law program is considered one of the best in the country. Students will need LSAT scores of around 168 to get into the reputed UC Berkeley School of Law.

Final Thought

Before pondering how to pick a law school, students should understand the legal specialization areas they are interested in. All reputed US law schools have their specific strengths and weaknesses.


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