DUI Arrest

Things You Shouldn’t Do in DUI Arrest

If you have been drinking, do yourself and other a favor and don’t get behind the wheels. Doing this endangers your life and also others on the road. This is the reason why DUI (Driving Under Influence) arrests are frequent and aggressive.

If you are unfortunate enough to find yourself in such a situation, then a Scottsdale DUI lawyer can help you out. Getting arrested under the influence is already bad but the situation gets worse when the accused starts talking. Following are a couple of things to remember if, by some chance, you are on probation for a DUI case.

  1. Not Behaving Appropriately:

When you get a DUI arrest, the best thing to do is be polite to the arresting officer. You are already under the influence; if something triggers you, just avoid being rude. Most of these cases are not severe but the behavior makes it even worse. So, the next time if you get arrested for a DUI, stay calm and don’t be rude to the arresting officer.

  1. Don’t Talk Too Much:

When someone is under the influence, there is an urge to talk if someone is willing to listen. Unfortunately, when a DUI arrest is made, the police fail to get a straightforward answer until the influence wears off. The best thing to do is to keep your answers to a minimum. When a police officer asks a question, he’s only looking for a simple yes or no; any elaborate answers might make you a guilty party. Remember to keep your answers short and to the point when a DUI arrest is made.

  1. Offering to Bribe:

When a DUI arrest is made, the accused tries their best to get out of it. The stupidest thing that anyone can do is offer a bribe to the policeman for the deed. Now some policemen will accept those bribes but not all of them will. Secondly, if it doesn’t work out, your defense attorneys will have to fight for an additional charge; bribing a cop. DUI might not carry a heavy punishment but bribes certainly will.

  1. Running Away:

People under the influence get paranoid when a situation gets out of hand and might make rash decisions. Unfortunately, in most DUI cases, the situation worsens when the accused tries to run away from the scene. This just goes to prove your guilt even further and you will have to defend against an additional charge. Remember, to stay calm, the offense might not carry heavy punishment but your actions might.

  1. Not Hiring a Lawyer:

This is a basic mistake most defendants make; they think they will get off light without an attorney. Attorneys specialize in these cases and know exactly the right words and strategies to get their clients out of a jam. So, whenever you get arrest for a DUI, always contact your attorney, he will advise you what to do and say in the initial hours of the arrest. Don’t say anything until your attorney is present.

Every citizen must protect themselves and the lives around them; unfortunately, under the influence, such principles disappear. Keep in mind the points mentioned above; they might save you from greater damage.

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