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8 Digital Gifts You Can Send Remotely

There are no two ways about it, COVID-19 was a turning point for the internet. The gap between “online” and “real life” has quickly vanished. The internet is a part of real life, and if you can’t embrace that, you’ll be left in the dust.

One of the best ways to embrace this revolution is by sending digital gifts. Digitial gifts these days are just as substantial and just as impactful as any material gift.

If you’ve found yourself doubting this, you’ve come to the right place. This article will walk you through several of the best online gifts to send.

  1. Digital Classes

Online learning has become huge. Databases such as Masterclass are able to provide people with tons of information they never would have been able to experience before. If you know someone who’s deeply involved in a passion, consider sending them a digital class.

  1. Celebrity Cameo

In a similar — albeit less informative and more entertaining — vein, you can give someone the gift of a celebrity cameo. Many celebrities are on the Cameo website, available, for a price, to deliver a message to the person of your choice.

For more video ideas, we found this great website, Vidday, which specializes in video gift ideas.

  1. Audiobook

Book giving is easier than ever with sites like audible. The leading figure in the audiobook revolution has made it extremely easy to purchase audiobooks and send them to someone who you care about.

  1. A Meal

Meal delivery services like Grubhub, Ubereats, and Doordash have made delivery easier than ever. The technology available has also made it extremely easy to buy someone a meal from their favorite restaurant.

  1. Rosetta Stone

If you have a friend who’s interested in the culture of a particular foreign country, who’s just expressed a desire to learn a language, consider gifting them a subscription to Rosetta Stone. The internet has provided us with a wealth of information, and the means to share that information with friends.

  1. A Gift Card

This is something a bit more simple than you can give in person. However, at the end of the day, gift cards are just codes for free stuff. Sending someone a gift card online is a great way to show you care.

  1. A Game

Online gaming platform Steam allows you to “gift” a game to someone. If you’re friends with a gamer, why not gift them that game they’ve been talking about?

  1. A Movie

The way we watch movies has changed significantly. Now, almost any movie in the world is available to us online. Use a service like Amazon or Itunes to gift someone a film they’ve always wanted to watch.

Send the Best Digital Gifts

The world is changing, and gift-giving is changing with it. Digital gifts are perfect for a digital world. Consider sending the gifts above, and you’ll never run out of ideas when the holidays and birthdays come around.

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