8 Reasons Why best Linux shared hosting is Best for Business

Are you just starting off your online business? or Are you looking to give a kick start to your business website? In any such case, Linux shared hosting finds its perfect space in the picture.

A web hosting solution is extremely significant for your online business and has a direct impact on the performance of your website.

Through this article, we will address how the best Linux shared hosting serves as the ideal as well as a highly cost-effective web hosting solution for an online business you wish to grow. Before providing insights into everything, let’s begin by highlighting the functioning of the Linux shared hosting servers.

About Linux Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the types of web hosting services. It makes multiple users share the web hosting environment as well as the central physical server’s web resources. Because of the sharing, the web hosting plans & packages of the shared web server come at the cheapest cost prices among all the other web hosting solutions.

Further, when a web host employs Linux operating system at the main server’s foundation, we call it Linux shared hosting. Moreover, Linux shared hosting is the most prevalent & popular choice among all the other kinds of shared server web hosting services.

Key Reasons Why Linux Shared Hosting is Best for Business

The Linux shared web hosting provides numerous benefits & privileges for hosting your online business. This section incorporates some of the incredible key reasons why you must consider a Linux shared hosting plan or package to host your web business. Let’s have a glance at them!

1. Price

Linux operating system provides an open-source platform. It is absolutely free of cost to employ. Thus, the shared web hosting plans & packages are cheaper than all the other types of shared server web hosting services.

2. Easy to use

shared hosting comes with a user-friendly control panel. Its web hosting environment can be administered & managed with utmost ease and no hassle. You do not find much difficulty dealing with the Linux shared hosting. Moreover, your web host takes care of the efficient as well as the optimal functioning of the web hosting server while you can host your business website smoothly.

3. Easy upgrade

You get the required web resources with the Best Linux shared hosting. In addition to this, you get the possibility to easily upgrade your existing web resources in no time without encountering any unnecessary downtime.

4. Muti website hosting

With the best Linux shared hosting services, you get the opportunity to host as many websites as your online business requires. You get the authority to host multiple websites with utmost ease.

5. Traffic handling capability

Under the shared server web hosting with Linux, your business website obtains the possibility to handle workload and traffic volume quite efficiently and swiftly.

6. Customer supports

When you buy the best Linux shared hosting service from a trustworthy web hosting company such as Hostbillo, you acquire 24/7/3365 customer support. Hostbillo web hosting company offers round-the-clock technical & customer support service via a highly proficient team of specialists. The team provides prompt and the most profitable web solutions.

7. Softaculous

Sofculous is the one-click installer that you can receive with the Linux shared hosting plan or package. With the one-click installer, you get the ability to install & run as many apps as your business website needs with just a few clicks.

8. Uptime

Under the best Linux shared hosting, reliable web hosting companies like Hostbillo ensures the service level agreement providing maximum uptime network. This lets you enable your business website to acquire almost zero downtime.

The Best Linux Shared Hosting Provider- Hostbillo

If you wish to make the ultimate usage of your Linux web hosting for the advancement of your online business, you must seek a dependable & top-notch web host. Let us recommend you here one such web host – Hostbillo web hosting company.


Hostbillo is the top-leading web hosting company across the globe. It is highly renowned for rendering the best Linux shared hosting plans & packages at the cheapest pricing.

The company’s data centers ensure resilient & advanced technologies along with enterprise-grade hardware. Check out below some of the excellent benefits you receive with Hostbillo’s cheap Linux shared hosting –


  • Free cPanel under the cheap Linux shared server web hosting
  • 90% Uptime assurance
  • Fastest & constant network connectivity
  • Advanced data security features, including DDoS protection, in-built antivirus software, etc.
  • 100% Solid-State Drives data storage
  • Unbeatable performance with the support of top-tier equipment
  • Unlimited domains & subdomains
  • Unlimited professional email accounts
  • Domain transfer at no additional fee
  • Robust hardware tools with the cheap Linux shared hosting


Linux shared hosting is the most feasible, easy-to-administer, and highly effective web hosting solution. Linux comes with many flexible features to let you attain the high customizability to host your web business as you desire.

Further, you can rely on the Hosbtillo web hosting company to get the best yet cheapest Linux shared web hosting plan or package for your business website. The company operates at the forefront when it comes to accommodating the demands & necessities of its customers’ online businesses.

Go to the official as well as the informational website of Hostbillo right away to gain more insightful details about the high-grade Linux shared hosting services & facilities.

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