Detailed Guide on Sponsored and Editorial Content

The media world has changed enormously. Modern companies have access to many different ways of connecting with their potential clients, business partners, and future investors. We live in the digital age, so printed newspapers are not the only place to communicate with your audience and present your brand to the world.  It is more efficient to raise online awareness via press releases, displayed ads, sponsored/editorial content, or blog posts.

You can choose different types of content marketing.The problem is how to choose the right one for your brand promotion. To make the start of your marketing campaign successful, you need to have an understanding of available content types: sponsored and editorial.

The Definition of Editorial Content
It is one of the most traditional forms of content in the history of marketing. The idea is to share engaging and informative content to the public. A press release is a perfect sample of editorial content. A company showcases the essential information, which highlights the pros of the brand. We call editorial content guest posts, published by a company to link to the consumer base.

Editorial content is free. The only thing it requires is your time. In order to create engaging content you must have a writing talent or you can hire a professional writer.

Every company aims to promote its editorial content by sharing valuable stories related to its brand/industry. By spreading this information, you boost the awareness of the brand. The only issue of editorial content is that it is difficult to control. It is simply impossible to guarantee the desired result to the public. It’s up to the journalists, influencers, or blog owners to publish your content or ignore it.

The Definition of Sponsored Content
Sponsored content is the paid media and it plays an essential role in your marketing campaign. By writing high-quality sponsored content, you pay the platform to place. It can be a site, blog, or a video. Sponsored content has a lot of similarities with old-school advertisements. It is your chance to reach your potential clients. Sponsored content requires partnering with influencers within your brand niche.

In order to compose high-quality sponsored content, you can easily find the help outside, if you do not have the needed skills for it. You can use the services of public relation agencies to develop your sponsored content strategy, so you get the maximum attention from your potential clients within a short time-frame.

Make sure that your sponsored content is SEO optimized in order to reach the right audience. The advantage of this content type is the guaranteed coverage. You don’t have to hope that your press release or log post will be published, you pay for it. There’s less risk of messing up your promotion campaign. You can control the platforms where your clients will see the information related to your brand.

You can control what kind of sponsored content you should compose. Make sure you do some drafts before paying for it to be published. If it is possible, ask for a professional consultation. Do not forget to add some backlinks and quotes for boosting your SEO. Your aads must be displayed in the center of the post/article in order to drive people’s attention to your site.


Only you can decide which content to use for promoting your business online. Both editorial and sponsored types of content have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend you to try them both and see the results at the end of your promotion campaign. Maintaining balance between paid and earned media is the key to success on the market.

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