8 things to consider when choosing a Banquet hall

8 things to consider when choosing a Banquet hall

Getting banquet halls in Kolkata is profoundly difficult for people who are not aware of the market very well. Though certain things are common and easy in terms of choice, yet the major parts seem difficult for the spector. Here, we have a list of things that need to be taken care of when booking a banquet hall in Kolkata.

1. Your total number of guests

The first and foremost difficulty faced during the process of finding a banquet hall has to be with the guest list. Your guest list plays a big role, as that qualifies or filters your choice to a great extent. You’ll be allocating the total number of guests, with the banquet halls in Kolkata. In a way, that ordinal seems okay for the owners. If they have the space to allocate your guest number, then you can keep it as a choice.

2. The food that you have in mind

Keep thinking about your investments. Food is the most important thing for any kind of event. So, while booking the banquet halls in Kolkata you need to ask about their food flexibility. Like if they outside caterers or not. If they don’t, then do they have their own caterers or lined up services. If caterers do serve such halls, then what is their per plate pricing for it?

3. The area you are booking at

The area or location of the banquet hall, plays a big role in the entire pricing matter. If it happens to be in the South, then automatically the price of your banquet halls in Kolkata would be quite high. Whereas, if it is near the central or North, then the range would be comparatively affordable.

4. The total number of rooms

You might need a certain number of guest rooms. Either for your outstation invites to stayover, or for the organizational purposes. The banquet halls in Kolkata that you’re going to choose will allocate it to you accordingly.

5. Your lawn/pool requirement

This happens to be a wedding demand for many people who are choosing  banquet halls in Kolkata. The swimming pool or lawn plays a big deal in the entire setup for people who have events like sangeet and mehandi.

6. The interior decoration you want

The interior of the banquet halls in Kolkata, is related to the entire decoration skeme. If it is not compatible with the decoration you‘ve in mind, then you should not select it from the banquet halls in Kolkata.

7. If that is close enough to your place

If you are not selecting something that has the accessibility of your home, then there comes the problem of transportation. Like you ‘ve to rent transportations and other measures to reach the place. Such banquet halls in Kolkata, aren’t physically accessible to you as a place. In such cases, it is best if you decide a place, which is close to your home as well as has the proper road connectivity.

8. The accessibility of a parking

Now, this may seem really unnecessary to some, but your parking valet is extremely important. This is to know, if it has the capability to fit many cars at a time, or if it is having the space to allocate enough numbers of bigger cars. This is the reason why one has to check on the valet, before considering any banquet halls in Kolkata.

As a customer you are allowed to make, as many queries as you want. Unless it is harming anyone. So it is undoubtedly the stadiest option to choose a banquet hall that has all the features you want. For banquet halls in Kolkata, the system is to provide them with a booking amount before the day of final selection.

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