Comparing Smartphones

Comparing Smartphones: Which iPhone Is Right for You?

When it comes to comparing smartphones, you need to first ask yourself what you’re going to be doing with it and how much you’re willing to spend. If you’re going to utilize this phone for work and take high-quality photos and videos, you’ll want to stick with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But if you’re on a budget and need it for messaging and calling, you’ll want to check out the iPhone SE.

Here is your complete guide to the different iPhones available right now.

Most Budget-Friendly – iPhone SE

Despite being the cheapest iPhone released in the last decade, the iPhone SE doesn’t skip out on processing power. The iPhone SE features the A13 processor, meaning it carries the same weight as the iPhone 11, which was already a powerhouse of a line. Coming in the SE form means you save yourself around $400 USD.

It falls into the 2nd smallest iPhone available, falling only behind the iPhone 12 Mini. The battery currently lasts around a full day with normal usage.

Best Performance – iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you’re looking for the best that Apple smartphones have to offer then you’ll want to check out the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This iPhone model offers the best battery life, as well as all the newest features that iPhones have to offer. That includes 5G, stainless steel body, and the ability to shoot at the highest resolution possible on an iPhone.

You will be paying for the full service, as the iPhone 12 Pro Max starts at around $1099. Chances are that you’ll be utilizing the camera for work purposes more than using it for talking and texting though.

Most Well Rounded – iPhone 12

For those that want a more budget-friendly option, but still packs a lot of performance into the machine, then the iPhone 12 should be the one you pick up. The model is a great option for those that want the fastest speeds and a good quality camera, but aren’t going to use it all the time.

You still get access to the 5G network and the smaller size helps those that don’t want to feel like they’re holding a tablet in their hands. You also get the A14 chip, meaning faster processing speeds than what the iPhone 11 had to offer.

With any of these phones, you should get a case, as they’re still made of glass. Check out these cool iPhone cases to help protect your new device.

Comparing Smartphones: Choose the One That Fits Your Style and Budget

Now that the process of comparing smartphones is finished, it just comes down to picking the one that you can afford and utilize. Don’t go for the iPhone 12 Pro Max if you’re not going to use that camera. But don’t cheap out for the iPhone SE if you find yourself needing the longer battery and extra processing power.

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