Web App Trends You Need to Know About In 2020

Web App Trends You Need to Know About In 2020

The web world is developing faster than ever. It does so along with technology and concepts that seemed to be very different, now are being integrated. This is the case of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the web industry, the latter being enhanced by AI. However, considering the fast pace at which the web development domain is developing, new trends are emerging every year.

Sometimes, the implementation of web app trends is surpassed by the rapidity of their development. But some of these trends are descriptive for the year they have been developed, so here are web app trends you need to know about in 2020.

Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) have not been developed this year, but they continue to be in trends because of their essentiality. According to the writemytermpaper on web trends by a bestessaywritingservices , progressive web apps make the job of web developers much easier.

Taking into consideration the rise of smart devices, such as tablets and smartphones, fewer and fewer people are using laptops or computers to surf the internet. And the website or web app someone might build needs to be adapted to every device, without requiring an additional install of other apps.

Progressive Web Apps are a nice trend that will continue its rise in the next years too. It offers a nice user experience and it can be written using React, HTML and CSS, Angular, or JavaScript.

Voice Search

Not all web apps are used only by highly-functional people, but by people with disabilities or elders too. And now, more and more web app developers aim to build a web app that can be used by anyone. So, how can they ease the job of some people? By adding a voice search command option. Now that each smartphone has a voice command option and there is a Siri for iPhones and a Google Assistant for Android smartphones, web apps need to include this too.

The voice search trend is new to 2020, but it is increasingly gaining momentum because it makes web apps easier to use. Children or elders might sometimes need to learn new things about technology, but they all know how to communicate. And instead of losing customers because it would take them too much to learn how to use the web app, you can add a voice search command, said John O. from bestpaperwritingservice.

Bots Based on Artificial Intelligence

AI is not something that appeared in 2020, but it is slowly gaining momentum and more and more people are looking forward to its further development. At least until now, AI can be used in a multitude of situations and it started being integrated into the web app industry.

One of the trends that describe 2020 when we look at the web app industry is the connection between bots and AI. There has to be an easy, affordable, and fast way customers and users can use to connect someone from the team. Reasons might vary, but the most popular is having issues with the web app.

Bots based on AI can help companies and businesses alike to reduce costs and improve the user experience. And this is because these AI bots can replace customer representatives or call center operators.

Single-Page Web Apps

The trend of single-page web apps was born from the wish of companies to reduce costs. Having both a website and a mobile app can turn out to be very expensive for companies. They need to have a mobile development team and one that is in charge of website development.

And if we look at the latest trends when it comes to the app download, we notice that people do not download so many mobile apps as one might expect. Instead, they choose to access the website of the company because it is easier this way. And because the trend of smartphones will only go up, the trend of single-page web apps is now emerging.

Apart from choosing to develop a PWA which means that the business focus will be on a website, they can also choose to develop a single-page web app. These single-page web apps load data and render it on a single web page. This will clearly boost performance because it will not load HTML pages from the server.


These are just a few from the web trends that describe this year. Some are not new to the web industry, but their continuous improvement is done every year. Others have emerged this year to boost performance and make web apps more accessible and easier to use by everyone. Voice search or AI bots can help companies reduce costs and improve accessibility. Progressive Web Apps and Single-Page Web Apps are the latest trends that ease the job of the developing team.



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