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Explore and Leverage the Gift Card Concept for your Store

The gift card may have gained immense popularity during COVID-19, but the fact is it is quite a useful product type that you can make available in your store. A gift card contains a redeemable value on a future order made from your store. As a merchant, you can include it as a product and sell it. Or, you can distribute it to your customers for free as an incentive. The customer can get this gift card after the order fulfillment in the form of a unique code. They can apply this code at the checkout process in the next transaction and redeem its value.

How to create a gift card for your mobile app and web store?

Shopify gift cards are quite famous and trustworthy. So, you may opt for this. If you want to make it live on your mobile app, you will have to check into the gift card section in the Shopify dashboard and choose a card. Make sure you select a superior design that has appealing features. After this, you can select ‘Manage’ to make it available. You will have to mention your app name and save the card.

According to experts, adding a gift card to your mobile app can be the best thing. It can increase conversions on mobile. At the same time, you can conduct your marketing and branding campaigns on mobile efficiently.

Similarly, you can follow a few steps to activate a gift card on your web store. The process will be almost the same. You will have to provide an appropriate title and description for your gift card, just as you do for a product, to make it more relevant. Plus, the choice of image can be unique. You have to keep in mind your brand to help it align with your promotional efforts. Along with this, you will have to fill in a few other details and save the card.

What are the benefits of a gift card?

Selling or giving gift cards to your customers can be extremely beneficial to your business. Customers can send these cards to family, friends, and near and dear ones, who can redeem them in your store when shopping. It will be amusing to realize that sometimes shoppers don’t even use these cards. So that means you already get money without selling anything else. You can consider this as an additional income.

Besides, a gift card can encourage your customer to purchase more items convinced by the opportunity of saving money lying right before them. Hence, they can buy an expensive item, which exceeds the gift card’s value. It means a bonus for you. Some stores experience a drop in exchange and return requirements as most customers using these cards select their items themselves.

In essence, including a gift card in your store or mobile app can be wise. If you want to boost sales without spending much, you can try this customer- and business-friendly option. Make sure your gift card design aligns with your brand image, and you include all the essential details.

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