Uncomplicate Your Day with These Nifty Moving Supplies

Moving is a nightmare, which no one likes to experience. But you got a new job, you move to a new place, city life is polluted, move to the country, country life is dull, move to the city; one way or another, it happens. Therefore, you go about ways to tackle the emotional and physical turmoil that encompasses moving.

We have some nifty tools that can help lessen the impact of moving nightmares.

Pack a Punch with Packing Paper

Moving your delicate, eccentrically shaped and valuable items is a hassle. Sticking a ‘fragile’ label is not enough, you need to cushion them with packing papers so they stay safely ensconced inside the moving boxes, even when they have handled a tad roughly.

You could use foam wraps or bubble wrap to get your packing done. However, if you want your move to be as environmentally friendly as possible, use ranpak geami wrapak. This honeycomb paper-packaging wrap is recyclable. Moreover, it is die-cut in a honeycomb pattern along with a white tissue lined inside, perfect for cushioning your fragile items.

EcoBox bubble cushion wrap is another environment-friendly option, which is non-toxic and bio-degradable, so you wouldn’t contribute to the burgeoning landfill. Also, it dissolves within a year after you have discarded it. The additive contained does not decompose if it doesn’t have the right environment, so you don’t have to worry about it going bad while you are moving.

What Will You Do Without an App?

Keeping track of all your household items is highly essential so they are not lost or misplaced during shifting. A clipboard would do well to keep your checklists and moving-related documents, but an app would be an even better, all-in-one solution to keep track of all your important possessions. All you will need is a good internet connection like AT&T Internet on your smartphone so that you do not have to worry about your digital checklist or app being inaccessible under taxing circumstances. Just install one of the moving apps and keep your inventory checklist close to you at all times.

Some apps even let you snap pictures of your items and add detailed instructions to them, and share those with the movers. Also, you can sort them according to categories and develop custom labels with the aid of QR codes, which will let you know the contents of each moving box.

Remove the Snag, Tag Your Boxes

When you get your boxes delivered haphazardly to your new home, it gets difficult and time-consuming to figure out which box belongs to which room.

Make it easy, just decide a color for each room and then stick color coding dot labels to boxes allocated for each room.

Moreover, with tag-a-room color-coded home moving box labels, you can label your boxes with different colors. They come with pre-printed room names, so you just have to stick them on the box and save time with sorting and finding them while unpacking.

Tape It Up Securely

One of the most important items in your moving checklist is a tape, which you need to buy in bulk to seal those scores of moving boxes. You must purchase a good quality tape that makes your packing easier with its great sticking capacity; a cheaper one would only go to waste as it will begin peeling off on its own before you have even placed the boxes in the moving van.

Use a tape gun for efficient and quick sealing. Moreover, you could use brown paper tape, it is hard enough for packing as its adhesive is powerful and it tears easily, particularly when you don’t have a tape gun. Furthermore, you can write on it to label your boxes.

Another solution for taping is a labeling tape, which is already colored and pre-printed so you won’t have to go through the hassle of labeling. However, this type of tape is ideal for lightweight boxes.

Pad Your Possessions

No matter how careful movers are with your furniture, there is bound to be a nick, scratch, or a mangled part after your furniture is delivered to the new place.

Avoid spending on your furniture repair and utilize moving pads or blankets to protect your furniture from being damaged in any way during a move.

You can buy them or rent a dozen of them from a moving copy — the latter would be a cheaper solution.

Also, for glass items, get a cardboard glass divider that keeps your fragile safely nestled and apart from each other inside a moving box. The divider is flexible so it goes well with all sorts of boxes, bins, or bags.

Wrapping Up

These items will make your moving day less frustrating. Be sure to acquire your moving supplies well before time and in adequate quantity, so you don’t have to run to the store every time while packing when the need for a certain item arises. Create a checklist of moving supplies to remain well organized from stage one.

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