Mental Health and Relationships

8 Tips to Improve Your Mental Health and Relationships

If the COVID 19 pandemic taught us anything, health is perhaps one of an individual’s most precious assets. Mental health and relationships are the foundation stones to a healthy and happy individual and through the pandemic, both these aspects have been gravely affected. A positive impact is that there has been a push towards caring for mental health and increased availability of resources to promote the same. Mental health and relationships are reliant on each other in several ways. In this article, we will break down some tips on improving mental health and relationships.

1.     Communication and interaction

Communication and interaction is a practice that can help significantly improve your mental health and relationships. Communication, either in person or digitally, has proven to help maintain relationships and create a bond. This will be beneficial especially for those who are away from family and loved ones. Consider seeking help from loved ones or confiding in someone close as sometimes, all one requires is a listening ear. It is known as therapeutic relationships in mental health.

2.     Work on Intimacy

For those in relationships, intimacy plays a huge role in sustaining and improving the relationship. Simple gestures such as hugs and kisses release oxytocin-the love hormone with anti-anxiety and antidepressant properties. Romantic acts such as these can help you feel closer to your partner and help you improve your mental health. Those away from partners can figure out ways to get intimate byways of sexting or using smart sex toys. Working on your sexual desires and intimacy is a great way to improve mental health.  Consider exploring the benefits of sex and working on your sex life with your partner as this can help strengthen the bond and create better relationships.

3.     Physical health matters

Physical health is an essential aspect that most people end up neglecting. The benefits that a good diet and active lifestyle can have on your mental health are truly miraculous. Several studies have shown that those who follow a properly planned nutritious diet and physical exercise are likely to have better mental health. You can also consider taking up workout plans together with a partner, friend or family member to help enjoy the process more. This is also a great way of working on relationships and can help you feel more open. Physical activity and conscious eating are great habits to improve mental health.

4.     Work on learning new skills

Learning new skills is an excellent way of focusing on your mental health and is also something that can actively engage you. Something as simple as knitting or learning a new language can be a fun and exciting task and can help improve your mental health.  You may also learn new skills with your spouse or partner as this can help strengthen your relationship.

5.     Get Plenty of Rest

Rest and recovery are crucial to ensure a healthy body and mind. With a good night’s rest and a proper sleep schedule, you are more likely to feel active and charged up, throughout your day. Going to sleep simultaneously every night and cutting down on screen time in bed are effective ways to fix your sleep schedule. A good sleep schedule is an important habit to improve mental health.

6.     Work on yourself

A crucial part of fixing relationships is to first work on yourself. Understand what you want and need out of relationships and consider self-care such as this can improve mental health and help you feel good about yourself. Seeing the close-knit relationship between mental health and relationships, this exercise can also help you improve your relationship and make you feel closer to your partner.

7.     Take a vacation

Plan a fun trip to a destination of your choice. A vacation can be a great way to get out of the routine mundane pattern of life. This can help your mind and body recover and rejuvenate. You can also consider planning a romantic getaway with your partner to get some quality time and work on building intimacy.

8.     Seek professional health

For when nothing else seems to be working, it is best to seek professional help. Therapy and counselling sessions can help battle depression and anxiety. Couples therapy is also a great way to sort unresolved issues and tackle challenges in your relationship.

We hope this article on how to improve mental health was something you found helpful. With a few small changes and habits, you can feel better about yourself and improve your partner relationship.

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