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Top 6 items to include in a unicorn themed birthday party

The Unicorn theme for a birthday party is a sure hit! Lots of colours blended together and the interesting shape of the plush unicorn attracts the children a lot. And if you have a child who is crazy about Unicorn and the items related to it, then throwing a party with this theme is the best surprise you can give to your kid.

Ø  Some unicorn themed items that can add life to a birthday party

A kid’s party should definitely have a theme. This not only adds to the wonder quotient of the party, but also creates attractive ambience in the place that looks fabulous in the pictures. But in order to gain this, ensure to include all these unicorn themed items in your kid’s birthday bash.

o   Unicorn themed stickers — To ensure that the party sticks to a particular theme and everything around follows that pattern, adding props is important. And for a unicorn themed party, you can go for wall stickers and let them adorn the surfaces of your room to create the colourful and playful ambience in the venue.

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o   Unicorn themed cake — Unicorn themed cake is going to enhance the spirit of the party. Order a nice Unicorn cake with customised name of your child just below the face of the unicorn. Your kid would surely feel excited to the brim to blow the colourful candles lighted on it and cut this cute cake.

o   Unicorn themed dress — Most of the time, we have seen girls going crazy about the Unicorn themed party. That is why you will find lots of dresses and gowns for girls in Unicorn colours available in designer fabrics and patterns. But even if you have a boy who is a huge fan of Unicorn, you can buy the t-shirts with a Unicorn printed over it or in the colours of this theme.

o   Unicorn themed bouncy castle — Installing a bouncy castle in your place for the kids’ entertainments is important. This will keep them busy for hours and each and every child will love sliding, jumping, and playing in these. You can get a bouncy castle for hire in Auckland from CastleMania. They have all sorts of bouncy castles in different shapes and themes to enhance the fun factor of your kid’s birthday party.

o   Unicorn balloons — Creating a multicoloured ambience in the birthday party is going to be super easy if you pick balloons only in the unicorn colours. They will blend well with all the other items around and give the party that perfect touch you desire.

o   Unicorn shaped delicacies — Yes, we agree that having wafers and burgers and sandwiches in unicorn shapes and colours isn’t possible, but you can at least have the cupcakes, pops, chocolates, and ice cream of these colours (and even shapes) in the party!

Doesn’t the party already seem exciting and enticing and totally magical to you? We are sure your child will feel something similar when he/she recognises how perfectly you planned everything for the party! 

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