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It’s Personal: Customizable Items That Make Meaningful Gifts

When it comes to gift-giving, it’s the thought that counts. One of the best ways you can show someone how much you think about them is by giving them a customized gift. No matter what their interests may be, we have a list of customizable items that will make a fantastic gift for anyone in your circle.

Challenge Coins

Challenge coins are small medallions or coins. These coins are given to show membership to a group, or in commemoration of some achievement or special event. Specially designed challenge coins, like those sold at or, make for excellent customized gifts.


Jewelry is one of the most customizable items on the planet, next to clothing. All it takes is a little research and effort to create gorgeous and meaningful custom gifts. Whether you purchase a birthstone ring or an artisan-made necklace to commemorate a special date, you can find custom jewelry online, no matter where you search.

Commission Artwork

Want to make someone feel special, but don’t have the artistic skill to paint them a picture? You can commission an artist to do the work for you! Whether it’s a portrait of the person themselves, an occasion, or a beloved pet, the receiver will appreciate having an old-school painting to hang on their wall for generations to come.

Monogram Everything

Monogramming items, whether it be clothing, shoes, jewelry, or stationery, is an old practice. Everyone enjoys having their name or initials on something. It makes the gift feel unique and special.

(It also makes it less likely to get confused for someone else’s or get stolen. Picking out monogrammed embroidery seems like it would be a difficult task.)

Photo Mania

Sure, your friends and family have photos on their walls. But do they have photo albums? What about collages? You could even throw photos of friends or Fido on throw pillows and blankets!

There are plenty of places online and off that offer services plastering your people’s favorite photos wherever they may want. Look around, and see what memories you can turn into customized gifts for their homes!

Customizable Items Can Include Tech

While this may seem like an oblique connection, if you have a techie in your life, chances are you’ve heard them mention specs or parts for a dream machine.

One of the most expensive, but most meaningful, personalized gifts you can give them is a machine built to their specs. It will be an investment, but the absolute joy on their face when they have the perfect rig for their needs will be worth it.

Looking for More Gift Ideas?

If looking at all these customizable items has given you a list full of gift ideas, don’t sweat it! We have much more shopping, budgeting, and other tips and tricks available on our blog. Check-in with us each day to see the latest and greatest lifestyle hacks!

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