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Healthier Workouts For You and The Planet

With the rise in global warming, most of us have begun to become more ethically conscious of how we live. While Australia has its own Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations General Assembly, we have to contribute to sustainable living as individuals. One small step could be investing in recycled clothing. While focusing on our body health, we can focus on the planet by purchasing recycled plastic activewear. Essentially, most activewear is made out of material that is derived from plastic and chemically treated. By switching to recycled activewear, we cut down on plastic pollution effectively.


An ethically run company functions on the principle that everything produced does not harm anyone in the process of production, be it the people employed, the customers, or the planet. Today we find many ethically run companies that promote sustainable living, a method of giving back to the earth while sustaining ourselves simultaneously.

Sustainable clothing is one such method of reusing plastic to create clothing that is both functional and environmentally responsible in its creation, and recycled plastic activewear is one such example. The plastic that would have usually ended up in a landfill to decompose for the next 1000 years is given a new lease on life by being processed to craft fabrics, such as nylon. These fabrics are then employed to craft quality clothing for both activewear and everyday wear.

Activewear, today, is what people call ‘fast fashion.’ Discarded clothing made from these chemically-treated plastics also ends up in landfills, adding to the ever-growing problem of land pollution. By repurposing our plastic waste to be used again as clothing or upholstery items, we create a better future for ourselves in a small way. We can notice the garbage that piles up on our beaches that washes ashore from the ocean; they are mostly plastic. Plastic is hazardous to marine life and for our future; recycling is how we can take responsibility for our future.


Clothing meant for working out is usually made from nylon, as the fabric supports a free range of movement; it is soft and flexible with sweat absorption ability that makes it ideal for working out. Recycled activewear possesses the same qualities and is environmentally conscious in its production at the same time.

It feels just as good, and while you take care of your body, you contribute to the planet’s well-being as well. In the process of production, the recycled activewear undergoes rigorous testing to be deemed safe for your body, and there is absolutely no waste or cruelty involved.

A bonus is that they look just as fab on you for your next yoga class or surf session.


With the rising global warming issue, it is up to us to take charge of sustaining the earth and ourselves in it. Nature lovers can find this an easy avenue to care for the environment while caring for their bodies.

Taking care of ourselves is essential, but so is the environment. Recycling and reusing is one way to decrease our negative impact on the world and ensure a healthier, safer future.

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