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A Beginner’s Guide to Purchasing an Air Max

Most sneakerheads you know will have at least a few retro shoes in their shoe line-up. The reason for that is some retro-styled shoes were designed to look forward into the future. Nowadays, people are styling their outfit from the ’90s because they look cool, and their styles are applicable in today’s time.

To pull off the 90’s look, there are many style guides you can look up to achieve that. If you were to focus on shoes, you should definitely consider buying a Nike Air Max at Foot Locker. Sneakerheads have always been amazed to see how Nike makes sure their innovations are revolutionary. Before you purchase one at Foot Locker, there are several factors to consider to ensure you get the perfect Air Max for you.

Dressing Up or Dressing Down? 

What you must know about the Air Max, specifically the Air Max 90, is that it’s the best version to buy for anyone who wants to own their first pair. Because of its styling, you have the chance to pair the shoes up whenever you plan on dressing up or down. The best way to achieve both with a single shoe is by choosing a simpler colourway. Most Nike Air Max’s usually have grey in them as the main colour pattern to give it a neutral vibe. They give it a bit of distinction by adding designs in different, small areas such as the side of the sole or the outline of the tongue.

Will Sizing Be an Issue? 

Getting the right fit of shoes is critical if you do not want your feet to hurt. Air Max shoes are designed to provide maximum comfort and efficiency, which are just a few of the many reasons why people love wearing them. The upper part of the Air Max 90 is made of synthetic suede and synthetic leather, ensuring it properly grasps your entire feet better.

People have a great variety of preferences when it comes to shoes. Some want to give their shoes some allowance, while others want it to fit perfectly like a glove. You will not have any problems as long as you fit the shoes and feel it’s comfortable on your feet.

Is a Nike Air Max Good for Exercising? 

Others might think that Air Max shoes are specifically built for style alone. Nike invented the Air Max to ensure the wearer can feel comfortable when exercising while giving it a style that is perfect for wearing in public. Whether it is the Air Max 90 or the Air Max 720, the Air Max line-up will never disappoint you when it comes to giving efficient performance and style.

How Do You Properly Clean Air Max Shoes?

Like with any other shoe, the Air Max is a durable shoe that can withstand years of impact from wide movement activities like running or jumping. But when it comes to cleaning, you need to do it delicately to prevent the material from getting damaged.

Usually, sneakerheads prefer to clean each area of the Air Max separately, such as the laces and soles. A precaution when cleaning Air Maxes is to never place them in the washing machine because it will get scratched and damaged due to the tumbling.

Are you planning on getting them in the future? You can always get your Nike Air Max at Foot Locker if you want original, high-quality shoes.

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