Narcotics Anonymous

What Is Narcotics Anonymous?

The path from abuse and addiction to rehabilitation and long-term recovery is difficult. Achieving long-term recovery requires substantial willpower, determination, and, more often than not, active support from a group like Narcotics Anonymous.

According to, one common way of easing the recovery process is to seek support. Support groups are often composed of people with similar experiences as yourself, which gives them a unique understanding of what you are going through while trying to recover from addiction. Members of support groups like Narcotics Anonymous offer genuine friendship and inspiration. They also motivate while helping reduce stress and anxiety.

When participating in such support groups, you can expect members to share their stories, explain their struggles, and recommend a recovery procedure that works for them.

Covid 19 has affected many areas of endeavor, and rehabilitation programs are no exception. Because of the pandemic, the number of face-to-face support groups has declined, and now most support group meetings are conducted online.

 What Is Narcotics Anonymous?  

Narcotics Anonymous has been a great source of help for recovering addicts since its foundation in the 1950s. It supports those battling drug addiction and seeking a path to long-term recovery. As an international offshoot of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), thousands of Narcotics Anonymous meetings have occurred worldwide.

Narcotics Anonymous shares similar principles, practices, and philosophies to Alcoholics Anonymous. NA is open to all, regardless of gender, age, race, religion, or class status. NA only requires that you desire to live a drug-free lifestyle.

 What Can You Expect From an NA Meeting?

Narcotics Anonymous uses the same 12-step procedures and methods as AA. Attending a NA support group can be intimidating and frightening because it means having to face and own up to your addiction.

If feeling frightened or being scared is stopping you from attending an NA meeting, it may help to remember that everybody at the meeting will have similar experiences as yourself. All group members will have faced the same struggles and difficulties, and they are there to give and receive help just like you.

NA groups will provide a welcoming and non-judgmental atmosphere to help you feel secure. Meetings can either be discussion- or speaker-based. The difference is that speaker meetings allow only designated speakers to address the group, while discussion meetings allow any individuals to share their recovery stories with the group.

Although all participants will be encouraged to share their experiences during NA discussion groups, there is no pressure, and a person is free to sit there and listen to the stories of others if they so choose. Furthermore, first-time attendees aren’t required to share their stories with the group.

As a general rule, it is not a good idea to comment on the experiences of others during the meeting. After the meeting, group participants can engage in one-on-one conversations.

 What Are Narcotics Anonymous Zoom Meetings and How Do They Work?  

Online NA meetings can be a great way for recovering addicts to get the support they need even with the ongoing pandemic. Online support group meetings can be just as effective as physical face-to-face meetings when it comes to helping people maintain their sobriety.

Virtual NA meetings offer nearly all the same benefits as face-to-face meetings. They are also easier to attend and provide a handy means of tracking your recovery progress. NA meetings are often held via chat rooms or video conferences.

 NA Online Meetings: What Do They Look Like?  

Knowing the basics of what to expect at Narcotics Anonymous Zoom meetings, chat rooms, forums, and online classes will help you feel more comfortable. There are many types of NA meetings, depending on what you prefer. These are just a few:

  • Closed virtual meetings – These meetings are composed only of people invited to attend by the meeting administrator.
  • Specific NA Online Meets – These are similar to closed virtual meetings but with more restrictions such as demographics or other factors.
  • Open Meetings – Anyone can participate in this type of online meeting.
  • NA Speaker Meets – This type of meeting allows a speaker to share their experience with addiction recovery. This meeting can either be open or closed.
  • Big Book Study – To participate in this type of discussion, attendees must have a copy of the Narcotics Anonymous book. Meeting participants will read a portion of the book and discuss it with the group.
  • 12-Step Approach – These online meetings concentrate on specific steps of the 12-step recovery program. Participants attend the NA meeting that focuses on their current step.
  • Topic Meetings – This is where different topics about substance abuse and recovery are discussed. Everyone is encouraged to take part and share their feelings.

You can also download Narcotics Anonymous apps to your smartphone. It will allow you to find NA meetings online, regardless of location. You can also view reviews and read about other people’s experiences. It works with both Android and IOS.

Key Takeaway

Narcotics Anonymous is an offshoot of Alcoholics Anonymous that deals specifically with narcotic addiction. Much like its predecessor, Narcotics Anonymous features a 12-step approach to rehabilitation and long-term recovery. There are also online NA meetings that you can join anywhere you are, so long as you have a stable Internet connection.

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