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9 Great Books to Read During Quarantine

Begin your new year with something fresh. As 2020 is now gone, we have to focus on the future. We can also anticipate that the New Year has plenty of things that are in store. For those who like to read, 2021 has a lot of content you need to have in your library. Suppose you are one of those who make lists of the books they want to read this year. Make sure to include one of these books in your library or lists. Let’s take a look at the list, crafted by experts.

The Rib King (Author Ladee Hubbard)

This story gives an overview of what happened in the 20th century. It’s about. White household that has black staff who are on the brink of financial ruin. Now, as their last resort to raise money, Mr. Barclay decides to sell the Rib sauce of Miss Mamie. Now he does this with no intention of giving the proceeds back to the owners of the Rib sauce.

The Removed (Author Brandon Hobson)

Annually the echotas celebrate or remember the death of their son, who, by the way, police shot with a bonfire. Their son’s name is ray-ray. Now with the remaining two sons grappling and struggling with addiction. Their mom tried to call them together for a family reunion.

The Divines (author Ellie Eaton)

Many years after school, in her teenage years in the countryside in England, Josephine, a married woman, decides to go back to her former school where she spent most of her teenage years. As she tries to bring out why the school shattered, her current begins to come up.

Milk Fed (author Melissa Broder)

It is the same who wrote The Pisces. The Pisces is about a woman who falls in love with a merman.

Kink: Stories (Multiple Authors)

Just as you are closing to Valentine’s Day, you can’t miss stories about desires and love. You can also preorder the book for amazon. It’s about 17 United States dollars.

Klara and the Sun (Author Kazuo Ishiguro)

This book of this particular author is about a friend who is artificial who waits for someone to buy her. This novel entails a theme of loneliness and meditation.

Mona (Author Pola Oloixarac)

Mona has an opportunity to escape from some village in Sweden. Because of an important award in Europe. But when she arrives in Europe, she realizes that her demons also followed her. That is what is in this new novel. You can’t wait to read it.

Libertie (Author Kaitlyn Greenidge)

Libertie Sampson is a daughter of a black physician. But Sampson wants to make music instead of doing what her mother does. When someone decides to take her away from the small chaos she has at home, liberty finds herself in her namesake’s confines. The question in this book is, “what type of freedom do black women experience?”

Lurkers (Authors Sandi Tan)

You can preorder this book from Amazon. It goes for 26 United States dollars. This book is about the inhabitants of the suburban part of Los Angeles. They have a lot of anger and loneliness. And a drama teacher who is creepy over many decades.


For sure, if you are looking for a book to begin your year, make sure to add these books to your list. You will not regret it.

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