How To Update OPPO Android Phone Guide updated 2021
How To Update OPPO Android Phone Guide updated 2021

How To Update OPPO Android Phone Guide updated 2021

How To Update OPPO Android Phone Guide updated 2021. In the modern technology era, every software is getting updated regularly to keep up with the trend. Android phones are not that different. Your phone needs to update its firmware so that you can use the latest UI and other features as smoothly as possible. Moreover, for OPPO users, also trying to update their device is essential. So, you need to know how to update OPPO android phones as swiftly as possible.

Most android users have auto-updates on their phones, which eliminates the process of checking for updates. However, some devices sometimes need you to manually check for updates when you see that your device is not performing up to the newer software.

That is where our article will help you. You will understand how to update OPPO and Android phones and check for daily updates regularly.


Why Update Your OPPO Android Phone

TO keep up with the latest trends and software in the market, you need to optimize your OPPO android device as frequently as possible, as newer updates are available almost every day. So you need to know how to update OPPO android phone so that you are up to date with the latest versions on your device.

Moreover, updating your OPPO device optimizes your device to be able to use the latest software smoothly, and also it enhances the stability of your device. It gives your device to cope up with new applications so that you do not fall behind.

Another thing, it also improves your experience on your android phone. The newer firmware, every time you update, gives your device a boost in performance and improves your OPPO device experience.


Benefits of Updating Your OPPO Android Phone

If you are an OPPO user or any other android phone user, you know that getting notifications for updating your operating system is not now. However, you may not get a notification for updates; if you have auto-updates off, you will manually check for them from the settings. But skipping it to save space on your device is not a good idea as it is beneficial for your device to update the firmware and the operating system, so you get the whole experience and some additional new features.

• Updating your device improves its security features which saves your data from cybercriminals. Cybercriminals can find a loophole if one version is in the market for a long time. That is why developers update their systems to add additional security measures for your safety.

• Internet and connectivity with other devices is everything nowadays if you have an android device. OS updates keep those features up to date to read and connect with newer waves from updated devices.

• It also improves your performance, making your device faster, and also enhances stability.

• When you update the OS from the old version to the new version, it resolves any older version issues. Moreover, any bugs that were in the previous version will not be in the more recent version.

• It also gives you new features for your device.

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Ways of Updating Your OPPO Android Phone

If you want to know how to update an OPPO android phone, then there are three basic approaches that you can choose from –
1. You can check for updates manually. You will have to go to the settings and find software updates to check if your device up to date with the latest android version.
2. The second one is to go to the OPPO official website to see if there any new versions available. Then, you can update your device by selecting the model and getting the file on your phone.
3. Finally, if everything else gets too complicated, you can contact the OPPO support team or take your phone to their shop and update it for you.

How to Update Your OPPO Android Device

Updating any smartphone is not that difficult if you know where to go on the phone. Moreover, most due to the region time and date difference, you may get the notification for updating your operating system late. However, if you constantly check manually with your phone, you remove waiting for an update notification. Never the less here is how you manually update your operating system on your OPPO android device –

• First, go to your settings option and find the phone option.
• Then you will have to select system updates which will automatically search the web for the newer version of OS for your device.
• After that, if your device already has the latest version, it will notify you; however, if there is a newer version available, it will automatically start the download and update the firmware.
• Finally, wait and let the whole process finish, and you will have an OPPO device with the latest operating system.


If you are an OPPO user and want to know how to update the OPPO android device manually, see our above guideline. However, most of you will get the notification that your device needs to update, and here is the latest version. So initially, you do not have to go through the process of manual updates.

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