A Brief Guide to CBD for Dogs

In a study of 13,000 dogs in Finland, 72.5 percent showed anxious traits in various situations.

Anxiety occurs through many different life circumstances, including abuse or separation from its guardian, a lack of socialization with strangers, other dogs, or pets, and inexperience with rides in a vehicle.

Many dogs don’t know how to handle the big feelings of fear occurring in their bodies and need help. There are many medications available on the market which you could check with your veterinarian about.

However, you have options if you want to steer clear of medicines and stick to the more natural side of things.

Although there aren’t formal studies showing how CBD for dogs reduces anxiety yet, we’re here to discuss how CBD may help your dog.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is a cannabinoid extracted from cannabis sativa hemp plant. Because of this, it does not contain mind-altering properties called THC. This difference removes the possibility of creating a “high” in humans and dogs alike.

Most CBD products for people and pets are derived from cannabis sativa hemp plant. CBD for pets has auspicious results; however, stay away from any kind of marijuana for dogs. There have been very few tests or trials on dosages to see what the safest levels would be.

How Does It Help My Dog?

Research is still being done on this subject. However, many pet owners have suggested CBD helped reduce their dogs’ pain levels, seizures, anxiety, and insomnia.

CBD uses the same metabolic pathways as commonly known NSAIDs such as ibuprofen. These metabolic pathways control different processes in the body, such as inflammatory responses to blood clotting. Because of this, CBD may help alleviate some of the symptoms associated with common ailments, including:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Seizures
  • Cancer
  • Mood
  • Energy

How to Administer CBD

The fastest way to administer CBD oil for pets is through sublingual administration.

In this manner, you’ll apply a small liquid amount under the tongue, allowing it to directly enter into their bloodstream. This can provide fast relief.

You also have the option of a daily treat. Although you’re rewarding your faithful sidekick for their everyday good behavior, it’s wise to build up this helpful supplement in their bloodstream so it can work effectively when the timing is right.

Is CBD Safe for Dogs?

Many have done the research and incorporated CBD oil into their daily supplements for their dogs. You should carefully choose CBD for dogs.

Try not to base this decision on the most inexpensive option, but with the ingredients in mind.

CBD for pets and humans uses the same pathways to help with several possible ailments naturally.

For some reliable options, check out CBD for dogs here, where we put you and your dog’s health first.

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