Extravagant Birthday Party

Treating Yourself: Throwing Yourself an Extravagant Birthday Party

Your family and closest friends typically arrange parties, but there is no shame in throwing yourself a big party to celebrate a significant milestone or just as an act of self-love. You deserve the best, so why not give it to yourself? Here’s a guide to a stress-free and fun party that will have the public talking about your event for weeks to come.

Work with an events planner

Organising a party for hundreds of guests is too much for one person, and since it’s your birthday, you don’t want to spend it stressing out over every tiny detail. So instead of saddling your friends and family with helping you plan your birthday party, reach out to a birthday planner that has experience in large-scale handling events. They can also ensure that all your guests are taken care of during the party. This way, you don’t have to worry about checking in on everyone and instead spend your birthday having fun and being showered with compliments.

Beef up your guest list

Nobody’s going to talk about your party if there aren’t any famous people in attendance. Truman Capote’s legendary 1966 ball had such a glamorous gust list that Andy Warhol reportedly felt as if he was the least famous person in the room. So, if you’re close with any celebrities or socialites, invite them and tell them to invite other famous friends. The more famous people are invited, the more buzz your event will generate. They’ll indeed have paparazzi and fans writing articles about the party, and their social media will be abuzz with photos and anecdotes of your event.

Make it a night to remember

If paparazzi and famous people talk about your party, you want them to say nothing but nice things. So, splurge on everything you can, be it the venue, food, drinks, or entertainment, but don’t go so all out that your party loses all coherence. If you add too many things to the party, it will look as if you’re trying too hard to impress.

Pick venues with iconic associations like the £57,000-a-night penthouse that Meghan Markle celebrated her baby shower in. You could also rent mansions and villas from The Pond Estate in Palm Springs to the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. Ensure that you serve only the freshest, highest quality, and most luxurious food like caviar, lobsters, steak, etc. Ensure that the entertainment is suitable for your guests’ tastes and demographics. If it’s a more mature crowd, you might raise eyebrows if you hire a rock band or a magician.

Remember that the most important thing here is that you and your guests have fun and celebrate your birthday. Don’t be too caught up in making everything perfect and thinking about other people’s opinions. What matters is how you and your guests feel about the event. You should also be sensible and maintain a budget. Parties can still be extravagant without going overboard. But, on the other hand, don’t go over budget to impress people who don’t matter.

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