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Where Can I Download UPSC Syllabus 2022? How To Increase The Memorising Skills For Exam Preparation?

The Civil Services exams, also called the UPSC, are competitive examinations on a national stage. It is conducted by the Union Public Service Commiṣsion (UPSC) to recruit Civil Services officers of the Government of India. Let us assume you are aiming for the Indian Administrative Service (IAS), Indian Foreign Service (IFS) or Indian Police Service (IPS). In that case, you will need to appear for Civil Service examinations and qualify all the stages to get the training and finally the job of your dreams.

Since the UPSC exam attracts over  lakhs of  candidates but has lesser vacancies to fill, the preparation for the exam can get overwhelming.  At times you might question your preparation. Being one of India’s highest-profile examinations, the UPSC syllabus is not to be taken lightly. Hence, as aspirants, you must prepare smartly and dedicatedly.

Tips to Increase Memoriseing Skill for UPSC EXam Preparation

If you are wondering: where can I download the UPSC syllabus, the answer is BYJU’s Exam Prep. With the updated UPSC Syllabus 2022 on BYJU’S Exam Prep platform, you are predisposed to excellent materials to prepare the best for your Civil Service exams.

Here are a few techniques, using which you can memorise for the examination:

Visualise the information

During an information overload—such as while preparing for UPSC 2022, the easiest way to improve memory and retention is curating and sorting content using visual tools.  Visual elements like charts, tables, and diagrams can be beneficial to retain your materials. Remember, 65% of the population is visual learners. Hence, if mind maps work better for you, use them more often. Flowcharts may also help.

Make it a habit to see the visualisations

Once you have made your tables and diagrams, stick them near your study areas. This way, you will see them in front of your eyes even when you are relaxing and unknowingly, in no time, you will start registering information. Moreover, since these tables will have information in a short and easy-to-understand format, it will be easy to memorise.

Use image acronyms

Remembering short-form information is more straightforward than registering it in the long-form. You can start by building acronyms for a series of things, places, people, or any kind of information. Since you will be the creator of these acronyms, it will not be a task to remember. For example, remember how “My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nuts?” helped us remember the eight planets in the solar system? Same way, you can come up with your own versions to remember.

Make a story

Framing a story is a tried and tested method to remember information. Have you ever thought about why you still remember stories you were told as a child? Remember the song One Two Buckle My Shoe? All these instances point out the power of storytelling in retention. Storytelling and framing is a tool that is used by all—from parents to big corporate giants. You can also use this magical technique to remember important information for your UPSC prep. Create stories of whichever subject you choose to: be it the state capitals going on a tour or a murder to remember the life of Mughal Rulers, the choice is yours.

Ensure revision

The trick to memorising is not to study continuously but to revise regularly. Try different methods of revisions and place the questions differently. This way, you will realise the loopholes in your preparation; just reread it and get back on track.

While preparing for the UPSC examination, many students feel that the syllabus is beyond their capacity to cover. In that case, one helpful strategy to encounter this fear is to use tricks that help memorise better.

You can use the material provided online by BYJU’S Exam Prep which has been planned and prepared to fit all kinds of learners and accommodate their learning styles. So visit the platform and get a step closer to joining the Civil Services of India.

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