A Complete Guide to Install Smart Solar Box

The quest for improvement in the world never comes to an end. And, as information and technology are increasing, people are finding new ways of development. But, it is unfair to harm nature while leading on the path of success.

That’s why to use recreational sources of energy for the best of humankind; solar panels came into existence. Solar energy can now be created in any home throughout the world with these solar panels’ help.

One such convenient product to create solar energy is the Smart Solar Box. This solar panel installation method is super easy.

Going through various Smart Solar Box reviews is a good idea if one is searching for a prominent solar energy creator.

Let’s check out the easy ways to install a solar panel at home.


Installing a solar panel isn’t a one-day job; it is a lengthy procedure that includes everything from installing the panels to creating energy at home.

The process begins when you sign the contract with your installer first, which takes approximately one to three months. This period is long because it ensures that the associated solar panels are gird-connected and ready to create energy at your home.

Here are some of the smart ways to install a solar panel at home:

Visiting the Installation Site

After successfully signing your solar contract through a loan, lease, power purchase, or cash purchase agreement, the next step is followed by an engineer visiting your site. This step is undertaken to evaluate the property where the panel needs to be installed.

An engineer will inspect the site and check the home’s electrical status and check the compatibility of the existing system with the new energy system. The engineer will also evaluate your roof to check whether it’s constructively strong or not. The engineer will be from your installer’s side, and he/she may even take pictures of your property as proof.

Performing the Necessary Paperwork

While you think of installing a solar panel at your home, you have to be ready for some substantial paperwork. Usually, the installer handles the paperwork, but it is always wise to keep track of what you’re putting your signatures on. To opt for various incentives like local solar programs, clean energy financing initiatives, and government rebates, you need to go through other paperwork that includes opting for building permits concerning where you live.

This step may take plenty of time depending on the installer’s punctuality and how much time he/she needs to get all the paperwork finished and submitted.

Choosing the Right Equipment & Get the Installation Scheduled

After getting done with the paperwork, now your installer’s next step would be to place the solar equipment in your place. Before this, you’ll have to choose the right equipment to be installed. It gets decided before you sign the contract. While choosing appropriate equipment, you need to evaluate the solar panels & inverters simultaneously.

To choose the best, you can even compare string inverters, microinverters, and power optimizers and choose what suits the most to your space. As soon as the equipment-order procedure gets complete, your site gets added to the installer’s queue, and the system is scheduled to get installed at your space.

Getting the Installation of Solar Panel Done

Now after passing through all the hassles, the big day of solar panel installation arrives. First of all, your installer will prepare your roof and ensure that the tiles or shingles are adequately attached. After getting this accomplished, the wiring will be done in which the electrical panel will be attached to the power system.

After wiring, racking as a support system to put the panel will be installed. Once it gets done, the inverter is connected to the panels to transform direct current into alternating current. Usually, it takes up to three days to install the whole panel.

Making Sure About the Installation & Interconnections

Now you’re just a step away from getting to use the installed solar panel. All you require to do is to flip the switch and let the solar power get created in your very own space. Before connecting the solar panel to the associated electric grid, one of the town government representatives will come for the final inspection and provide approval.

The representative will ensure the installer’s work, and after verifying everything, be it wiring, mounting, and attachments, and then approve of the official grid interconnections. After everything gets finally approved, it will take approx—two weeks for interconnections to go live and work appropriately.

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