Consumer-Driven Electricity Market

A Consumer-Driven Electricity Market

The Singapore government has required the efficient transmission and delivery of electricity services to consumers through the national power grid.

It is a liberalized energy market and the challenge of providing energy supply rests on the shoulders of electricity retailers in Singapore. These retailers could be the commercial arm of power generation companies selling power directly to consumers. They are pegged to worldwide fuel prices, dependent on local demand and supply curves, and change every 30 minutes.

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The Open Electricity Market has lowered electricity costs for consumers and has been an important step towards encouraging innovation and market competition in the power niche.

This has motivated retailers to launch creative price plans that focus on various consumer sectors in Singapore. They tie up these bundles with other products and services to offer consumer rewards.

The Open Electricity Market places the consumers in a privileged situation to have much better choices with their energy plans. They receive the same quality and reliability of electricity services while enjoying greater savings and additional perks.

With the choices all offer relatively low costs, Singaporeans will obviously go for the most affordable electricity plan that is compatible with their consumption habits.

An energy company should offer a range of both Fixed Rate and Discounted Tariff Plans which consumers will choose from, according to their convenience. Over 1 or 2 years of electricity consumption, consumers enjoy a reliable supply of electricity, together with leisure rewards, card rebates, and various other promotions and offers.

The ideal energy company to subscribe to should make offers to save over 30 percent or more of your bills. The consumers should be able to enjoy rates as low as 18¢ per kWh as against the regulated rate of 24¢ per kWh. And it would be a boon for consumers if no security deposit or monthly service fees are required!

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