Energy Efficiency In Your Office

 How To Improve The Energy Efficiency In Your Office

There are some costs that you cannot control within your office, such as the rates, the annual running and maintenance costs, and even the rents. However, there are some areas that you can look at improving to ensure that your office is as energy-efficient as possible. Having a space that is efficient will ensure that you can monitor your costs and keep your outgoings as low, and as affordable as possible. You can increase the reputation and growth of your business by making and maintaining highly energy-efficient spaces. Hiring net-zero carbon emissions consultants can help a company with this. Make sure you compare electricity rates and providers, so you can choose the best provider for your business.

Focus on Insulation

Buildings that are not free from drafts can cost you extra money, so you need to focus on both how well insulated your office and building are. When walls and floors are insulated heat loss will be kept to a minimum. Look at the different types of insulation to see what will suit your environment the best. For example, is foam insulation the right way to go or should you be looking at using insulation made from recycled materials? Evaluating and then pushing forwards with insulation within both your office and building will ensure your spaces are comfortable to work in.

Heating Up or Cooling Down

Quite often office temperatures are erratic, whether it be too cold or too hot it can be difficult to get the right temperature which can lead to unproductivity. One of the things you could focus on is introducing or renewing the air conditioning within your spaces. You can learn more about choosing the right heat type for your PTAC at this site and see just how a new system can improve the working conditions within your office and the productivity of those on-site. Whether you incorporate a system that heats using a pump, or you cool the air using a refrigerant or fresh air intake, you will soon start feeling and appreciating the benefits of a nicer working environment.

Double Glazing or Triple Glazing

Windows can let office spaces down very quickly. Wooden framed single glazed windows can leave office spaces feeling cold, damp, and uncomfortable to work in. To keep spaces comfortable and efficient at the same time you need to focus on improving both the quality and grade of windows used. Double glazed windows can retain the heat in the colder months and keep office spaces cool in the hotter summer months. If you invest in triple glazed windows you can also benefit from better soundproofing.

Consider Sustainability

Often overlooked but still important is the sustainability of products and items used within your office and building. Focusing on and using recycled materials and products, and items that have a low carbon footprint can ensure that your office is as energy efficient as it can possibly be. When you start to focus on improving the smaller things (such as office stationery) as well as the larger things (such as air conditioning) within any space no matter what shape or size, then you will soon see the noticeable and tangible results.

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