Indie Games for any Gamer

A Few Great Indie Games for any Gamer

What began as a children’s pastime has now grown into a multi-billion-dollar industry. Video games today have grown, along with the children that they entertained in the 80s, to become a huge, worldwide, phenomenon. Today, video games are played by hundreds of millions of people worldwide, and this only accounts for the popular, Triple A games, which are released and anticipated annually. Game series like Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Elder Scrolls, etc. see a huge amount of fans gather in line, sometimes days before release, just so they can be the first to play the new entry.

Speaking of Counter-Strike, another aspect of the popularity of video games today, is the popularity of competitive gaming (eSports). Video game tournaments have been around since the days of Nintendo. However, today, competitive gaming is a huge phenomenon, being much more akin to an actual sport. And much like most sports, eSports is hugely popular among bettors. Online casinos and betting sites like not only offer their user base the ability to place bets on eSport tournaments, but also play all of their favorite gambling games like roulette, blackjack, etc..

However, apart from the Triple A games, many gamers today enjoy, and some even prefer to play independently-developed video games by small companies. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best indie games which are currently available.


One of the most popular platformers of the past decade, Cuphead gained infamy as a punishingly difficult game. A now infamous moment in game culture, saw a professional video game critic fail to get past the simple tutorial of the game. While a bit of an overreaction, Cuphead is indeed a very difficult, yet highly rewarding game.

The plot of the game sees the titular Cuphead (a man with a cup for a head), and his pal Mugman go through a series of bosses, and platforms, in order to reclaim their souls from the Devil. The game’s art is heavily inspired by original Disney and Fleischer animation, giving it a nostalgic, yet timeless, feeling.


One of the many games inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, Apotheon takes it a step further, being heavily inspired by both the myth and art of the Ancient Greeks. The game’s art style is taken from the ancient Greek vase paintings, and tells the story of a Greek warrior, whose city has been destroyed by the Gods. The warrior goes on to take his revenge, defeating god after god with a wide assortment of weapons and magic.

The main plot of the game is heavily inspired by the Homeric Hymns, all of which can be read within the game at certain save points.

Hollow Knight

Hollow Knight is one of the most celebrated games of the past century. It tells the story of a minute knight, who fights with a nail against a number of hollows and insects. The game builds a fantastic, somber world, tells a beautiful story, and progresses the titular character’s development masterfully. It is truly one of the greatest games of the past decade.

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