Property for Sale in Paphos

A Good Time to Look for a Property for Sale in Paphos

Imagine waking up to the sound of the waves every morning? It’s incredible how quickly you get used to the luxury of a walk on the beach every day. Actually, you soon realize that you can’t live without it. Even if you’re not sure about investing in Cyprus yet, nothing stops you from simply exploring the property for sale in Paphos. There’s no obligation, and you’ll probably fall in love with a property sooner than you think.

Why Look for property for sale in Paphos

Why is Paphos such a great choice? The sun, sand, and sea are the apparent reasons. However, there are many more reasons as listed below:

  • A second home escape
  • Set up a business
  • Access to Europe
  • Easy access close to the airport
  • Investment strategy

A Second Home

Escaping your daily grind by going to the sea is one of the most calming escapes. You’ll feel healthier just by stepping off the plane. Naturally, there’s something decadent and luxurious about having a second home. However, it’s also about keeping a healthy mind. We all need to recuperate after our hard work, and there’s no better way to do that than by the seaside. Besides, Paphos has all the conveniences of a city without the crazy bustle. In fact, it offers a laid-back lifestyle with as much or as little entertainment as you choose to go for.

Set up a Business

With one of the lowest tax rates in Europe, Cyprus is an attractive place to set up a business. Furthermore, you have access to all the services you would need, from legal to banking and accounting. Overall, it’s also a safe country with a growth economy where things work.

Access to Europe

Increasingly, people are moving to Cyprus because of the ease of getting permanent residency and citizenship. You can follow several avenues to get these, including investing in property for sale in Paphos. Either way, having an EU residence is a great advantage when traveling around that continent. You won’t be able to apply for a job, but you’ll be able to explore a wealth of history, cultures, and traditions without the hassle of using for a multitude of visas.

Easy Access to Airports

Paphos has its airport outside the city, although Cyprus does have another main one also. In general, though, it’s effortless to get in and out of Paphos, which is an important consideration when investing in property for sale in Paphos. Should you ever want to sell, your property is more likely to be sought after with easy access. Moreover, Paphos transport is very efficient and reliable, much as it is on the whole island.

Investment Strategy

Whatever your reasons for searching the property for sale in Paphos, you’ll be investing. You can either cash in on your property years later or simply buy to rent today. You can’t go wrong with Paphos partly because of today’s attractive prices and because Cyprus is a good investment target. The island offers excellent infrastructure, a growing economy, and reliable services and amenities.

Things to consider when Searching property for sale in Paphos

Now you’ve decided on Paphos, but where do you start looking for property for Paphos sale? Clearly, you should start by finding a great property developer, but here are a few things to bear in mind:

  • Time of year
  • Pandemic impact
  • Support

Time of Year

Most property professionals suggest Spring to be the best time of year, quickly followed by Summer. People tend to get active again in the Spring as they recover from the Winter and start getting into their plans for the year. Also, the number of visitors to Paphos starts increasing as the summer days start appearing. You might therefore be a bit more cautious in the summer as the competition slowly increases.

Pandemic Impact

It’s hard to ignore that prices have dropped more than average due to the pandemic. People are clearly not traveling. Having said that, prices haven’t dropped too low as Paphos remains a safe destination. IHoweverit means that you’ll find some great deals regardless of the time of year, so this could be one of the best moments before prices start rising again. However, Paphos is on the rise, which will become apparent very soon, even if 2021 might still be a slow year.


No matter how well you feel you know Paphos, it’s always advisable to work with a property developer and a lawyer. Of course, your property developer can advise you but having a lawyer is an excellent idea to be safe in a new country. This is especially true if you’re planning to then ask for residency and citizenship. A lawyer can make sure that you understand all your options properly. The fun part, though, is searching through your property developer’s portfolio. You’ll be blown away by the quality of everything from apartments to condos and houses.

Final Thoughts on the property for sale in Paphos

Yes, the pandemic has hit Paphos just like it’s impacted the rest of the world. However, the long-term attractiveness of Paphos and Cyprus is still based on a solid foundation. This year will most likely be tough again, so as long as you’re in it for the long-term view, this is a great time to leverage the low prices and invest. So go ahead, talk to property developers and start searching for property for sale in Paphos. You’ll find yourself dreaming of that beach and realizing that it is actually available to you and so much more.

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