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Top 3 Phone Cases that Last Longer than Your Samsung S20

Do you have a Samsung Galaxy S20? Then you’re probably someone who makes it a point to keep their phone safe. When you have a pricey gadget like the Samsung S20 phone, you have to do all you can to protect your investment. That’s why we would advise that you get the right Samsung s20 case for your phone.

Samsung S20 has a ton of unique features that you’ll love. This means that you’ll be taking advantage of the many features that this device has to offer. But did you know that there are different ways in which you can protect your phone?

If you haven’t looked into buying any cases for it yet, then we’ll give you 3 great options for you to consider. These aren’t just ordinary cases but super tough ones that can last longer than even the phone itself. But first, it would help if we took a look at different types of tough cases first. When you get to know the materials that make them, you can understand better why they last so long.

Leather Samsung S20 Case

These stylish cases and skins protect your phone from scratches, drops, and dents. They provide added protection for your precious handset. Leather cases come in various colors, including black, brown, grey, sand, pink, and more. They are often customized to meet your specific needs and look great when paired with leather shoes or purses.

For more protection, consider purchasing a leather case for your mobile device. Leather is the best material to protect your phone from shock, moisture, dirt, and scratches. There are many styles to choose from, such as zip-up, hard shell, pouch type, or sport case leather cases. They provide superior protection and style. You can also find leather cases that convert into a stand for your phone.

Protective Back Samsung S20 Case

These cases provide the ultimate protection for your screen as they fit snugly over the entire phone. They protect it from accidental scratches and bumps, scrapes, and damage caused by jostling around.

The protective back case allows you to slip it over your phone without the need to remove it. It provides a snug fit and protects your screen from any type of shock.

Lockable Samsung S20 Case

One of the most common types of cases for your Samsung Galaxy S20 is the lockable case. These cases will ensure that your phone is locked so that no one can access it often. With the lockable compartment, your phone is protected from scratches and damage due to moisture. Most models will feature this feature, so make sure that you get a case that features this full protection type.

Rugged Samsung S20 Case

This is perhaps the best Samsung s20 case you can find today. It has reinforced corners and sufficient air pockets. And this helps your phone stay intact even during accidental falls. The damage goes significantly low when you’re using these rugged cases.

Another advantage of such cases is the tough grip that you get. No other Samsung s20 case can probably give you the same level of grip as a rugged case. But you’re free to try out all of the other instances and decide this on your own.

One thing to remember is that they offer all of this protection without being cumbersome to handle. You might think that they’re so bulky due to the level of protection they offer. But you’re very wrong. You’ll be shocked once you handle them.

For you to be sure about the level of protection, you can check the safety scale. This gives you a clear picture of how much protection your phone will get.

Add a Screen Protector for Extra Protection

In case you aren’t satisfied with your Samsung s20 case or just need extra protection for your screen, then a screen protector is a way to go. They are readily available for you to purchase at any time.

They help prevent scratches and dents to your screen. And some of these are unavoidable most times – even if you’re so careful.

Top 3 Durable Phone Cases

Turtleback Samsung S20 Case

This is the first Samsung s20 case on our list that we believe can last longer than the phone. It’s made so challenging that you can’t distort it in any way. It has all of the right features making it the best option for Samsung users.

Nillkin Samsung S20 Case

The next case is Slide 2.0. This is a hard Samsung s20 case that has an expandable lip around the edge. It also comes with a neat little pocket on the bottom of the phone, which allows you to put other small items you might have.

Galaxy S20 Spigen Ultra Case

This is a tough case that can last long. It covers your entire phone and protects it from shock, weather, or impact. It is made out of durable tear-resistant material to last for quite some time, even with daily use. With this case, you have phone protection, style, and convenience all in one.

Burga Samsung Galaxy S20 Tough Case

Their Tough series phone cases are not only highly protective thanks to their dual-layer design, but they also come in over 100 fashionable prints. The Tough Case consists of an inner silicone layer covering all sides, providing all-around protection and a raised frame for the display. The outer hard-shell layer provides a raised bezel for added camera protection. The high-quality fade-resistant prints add a touch of style and luxury to your phone while keeping it safe and protected.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, these three cases can last long. And we think that you should give them a thought. Get the best and most long-lasting Samsung s20 case.

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