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People from all over the planet have one common thing and that is to collect memories. Photography is one of the most common ways of doing that. We take pictures when we travel, have an event, festival, milestone celebration, or any other significant occasion. This activity is at its peak presently as mobile devices have the capability to take instant pictures.

Memories Makers

There is hardly any person who possesses a mobile device and has not taken a picture or video. While this starts as a hobby or a chore for some, there are others who dive deeper to improve their quality of pictures to a point where it is regarded as art.

These people are not just enthusiastic and excited about taking better pictures and videos. They feel a creative urge to capture the world as they see it in their unique way. A regular person looks out at the scenery and marvels, the eye of an inspired photographer spots the angle and composition where the same scenery would become stunning. These inspired photographers soon understand that if they have the support of some great gadgets then they will be able to show their art and craft even more brilliantly.

The difference between regular mobile device photography and good gadgets photography is the level of control and latitude that is available. The mobile devices have a camera which is mostly automatic. The focus, aperture, shutter speed, and ISO are all decided by the chip in the mobile and the person can just aim and shoot. The difference a DSLR offers is the equipment features and the setting of the controls available in the device.

What Makes A Photographer:

A good photographer knows the value of a good DSLR camera. Once he or she narrows down to the DSLR option then one of the best available in the market is the Canon camera. Though it was Nikon who made the first camera in 1999 it was Canon Cameras who caught the fancy of serious filmmakers and photographers when they were released in 2000.

Canon has a great range of cameras like the Canon EOS series and Canon mirrorless cameras. A superb set of lenses complement the range effectively. They have the EF range of lenses starting with prime and zoom lenses.

A photographer and filmmaker should ideally have a well-stocked kit in the arsenal. If we go from outside to inside then the list looks like this. You would need a camera bag, tripod, Canon mirrorless cameras with Canon EF lenses or Canon RF lenses, Flashes, and memory cards. The most important thing that will give you the best result is your imagination and eye for composition. This is unique to you and no one else can possess. That’s your creative signature.

There are many permutations and combinations at play here. It all depends on the kind of photography that you are envisaging. One of the first things you must do is to visit the Canon Digital Camera warehouse or a Canon camera store. Here you get to see the whole ensemble of equipment. You will be able to make a more informed and qualified choice when you have seen all options.

Camera Bags:

A good Canon Camera store or Canon Camera warehouse will show you many bags that have their utility. Depending on your need you can pick a Backpack, Compact Cases, Hard Cases, and lens case. These cases are well cushioned and have slots to comfortably keep your equipment steady in travel.


There are tripods that are made heavy so that you don’t drop your camera because of lopsided weight. The lighter tripods are not suitable for DSLR cameras, especially when using zoom lenses that are long. For quick mobility, you can select a monopod that has just one leg and can be shifted quickly. Having a Gimbal is also a good option if you are shooting on the go and cannot use the tripod to stabilise the camera.

Camera (Body):

Canon cameras have a range of EOS cameras to choose from. The latest ones are the Canon mirrorless cameras. The difference between regular DSLR and mirrorless cameras is the weight of the camera. Due to the absence of a series of mirrors that regular DSLRs had, the weight dropped considerably. The cost of the camera will differ based on the features available.

You must make sure you choose something that is sufficient for your needs and not get swayed by all the other features and gadgets. The Canon quality will be as good in all the cameras regardless of the price.


Though all the Canon lenses are fantastic there is only that much that one can carry on a shoot. So, choose wisely. The prime lenses do not zoom therefore it seems like a limitation but then the prime lenses’ sharpness of focus is extraordinary. The other plus of the prime lenses is the wider aperture opening allowing you to shoot even in low light (Example of Prime lenses; 25mm f/1.8, a 35mm f/1.8, or a 50mm f/1.8 lens).

Zoom lenses have multiple lenses that move to create the zoom effect. The increase in the number of lenses reduces the sharpness of those lenses marginally and the aperture opening is not as wide as prime lenses.

But then the zoom lens has the advantage of adjusting the composition in a jiffy and also creating a movement of going forward and backward (Example of zoom lenses; 18-55mm f/3.5, 50-200mm f/3.5-5.6,). You would need a mix of both lenses to be prepared for any eventuality.


Then comes things like Filters, Memory cards, Batteries, and Monitors. These are also very important supporting players. In Filters, you must have the mandatory ones like UV, Polariser, and ND filter. The filters control and change the light entering the camera. UV filters control and neutralise the haze in the scene, Polarisers darken the colours like the blue of the sky will become darker and the green of the plants will also be more vivid. The ND or Natural Density filters control the light brightness and are useful to cut harsh sunlight and glare of snow. The graduated ND filters give a beautiful effect and enhance sunsets and skies. Your Memory cards should be fast enough to write the data of the picture you shoot. Make sure it matches the make of the camera. Lastly, you may want a small monitor to see the image that is being captured. The screen will be larger than the display screen on the camera and therefore gives you a better idea of what is being captured.

The one place that you should not compromise on is the battery for the camera. All your gear will be worthless if the battery goes kaput. Third-party batteries can be dodgy. Get the advice of the Canon Camera store manager or Canon Camera Warehouse manager.

The Canon camera and Canon lenses are the best bet in your kit. One does not purchase this equipment for a quick change. Your equipment will be your trusted companion on your shoots. You can start with basic entry-level models which are also quite powerful for delivering good quality. You can upgrade the equipment once you have understood the features and utility comfortably. When you have the eye and creativity then the equipment becomes mere tools but your expression is clearly reflected in your work.

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