How Louvre Roofs Can Add Value To Your Property

The famous Louvre in Paris shares its name with a common Australian home improvement solution named the louvre roof which can radically alter your experience of comfort within the confines of your home on holiday or weekend.

The Louvre roof system is an excellent choice for discerning homeowners in Australia, especially in the summer where we can expect to spend a lot of time indoors, in a bid to cool down. Qualities that make the louvre roof stand out include top-of-the-line materials, craftsmanship and finishing. On top of it, with all the plans and permits in place, you can be sure that you are good to go for another 10 years, the whole of which will be covered by the company’s guarantee.

A Close Look At The Louvre Mechanism Of Action

This system gives you a very unique and versatile solution that you can utilise for your pool, patio, or even your backyard garden. Louvre Roofs will allow for the pass and play of light within the slats as well as the joists, however with louvre mechanisms advances have been made recently that allow you to totally block off the light or allow all of it in, as per your desire.

The latest Louvre roof systems have many advanced features that incorporate in-built gutter systems, allowing them to function during sunny and bright days while in the rainy season, these same sensors will retract and close the louvre slats as per the inclement weather, giving you unparalleled comfort at home. One common characteristic of louvre roofs is that they have joists that are fixed perpendicular to the lay of the land.

Some Reasons Why A Louvred Roof Is So Popular In Australia:

Homeowners in Australia are particularly pleased with some of the advanced features that newer louvre roofs have like a connection to a virtual digital assistant with Alexa. This will help you to engage with the automated system in a very intimate manner, adjusting apps just so that the right amount of light and shade can play through your patio or your roof garden. The sensors which are present in these modern lower root systems are very advanced and will respond by obeying your preferences as well as the inclement outside weather.

With a louvre system that has been designed carefully, keeping the sun at bay will no longer be a losing contest. Forget about sunburn and enjoy your sunbathing sessions with a good book to read or the latest music on your iPod.

Well-designed louvre roof systems can also play caretaker to your outdoor furniture, especially if there is harsh weather outside. If you measure the temperature under a louvred roof, compared to the regular temperature outside you will find that under the louvre, you are 10 degrees cooler. In a country like Australia, this is a lot.

Whether it is a louvre roof or a louvre pergolathey can add a serious amount of material worth to your property, enhancing the overall look and feel of your home and making it an attractive prospect for any potential buyer. Here are some reasons why and how Louvre roofs can add serious value to your existing property:

1.      Protection From Weather:

If you are easily put off by sweat and rain, you should end your worries with the purchase and instalment of a louvre roof from a reputable manufacturer. If you are peeved by harsh sunlight or unseasonal rain, both of which are very common in Australia, a Louvre roof will put the issue to rest. If you need more flow of air and sunlight, just open the louvre windows in order to summon them. Similarly, close them when you want protection from heat, rain or hail.

2.      Enhanced Social Life:

Social life gets a healthy boost when you can conduct your business and pleasure out in the open, with all the amenities of modern life that make it so enjoyable. If your space outdoors is defined and dedicated by the louvre roof, you will automatically have more opportunities for catching up and networking, no matter the weather outside. Besides this, your kids will think up just about any excuse to be allowed into this space as it excites their developing senses and stimulates them in a healthy manner.

3.      Resale Value:

When you buy a house, you will be quite concerned with the ROI or Return on Investment. You will be surprised to know that when you include Louvre roof systems, your ROI can jump as much as 80 times the current resale value, for which, on your end, you have to ensure that you get louvred on the roof done by an excellent company who charge top dollar but deliver as well. The design, if spacious, will impress prospective buyers and all you have to do is ensure that the roof louvre is done by very experienced hands and that it goes with the theme of the house.

4.      Excellent Materials:

Never scrimp on the building materials, and this goes for the craftsmanship too. If you want a good value addition to your property, the louvre roof components have to be well-engineered and cured. Most craftsmen use weatherproof finishes that have many colours, so you can let your imagination take a walk with masters of the game.

5.      Extra Living Space:

If you or a family member feels that they need some seclusion, just free up the louvre roof room. Not only will they be able to relax, but their productivity will also see a spike.

6.      Complementing The Home:

When you have a home that caters to a certain theme, it is natural for you to continue that theme in additional structures and thus, the louvred roof room will also serve as an adorning complement to the main building.

7.      Energy Efficiency:

With roofs of this kind, you have a great chance of reducing your monthly electric bills, a concern for every Australian. Now when you are in the market for a house, you will naturally gravitate towards one with amenities like louvred roofs and natural lighting.

So, after having covered all the aspects of the advantages of louvred roofs, you will have seen for yourself the potential of this little addition to your house. Not only will this be a cosy retreat for you but also a place to entertain guests and soak in the sun.

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