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Crypto Prediction for 2022

The year 2021 was a busy one for the industry, with the total value of cryptocurrency surging as high as 3 trillion. Popular cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether have continued to set new highs. Dogecoin and Shiba Inu are two meme currencies that have captured the internet’s attention.

Experts are split on where the cryptocurrency market can go in 2022, with supporters claiming the digital currency is the future of finance and detractors claiming it is a bubble about to explode.

  1. More financial advisors will accept cryptocurrency.

Financial advisers have been put in a difficult position regarding cryptocurrencies. Advisors lack the guidelines they typically seek before making recommendations to customers due to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority’s lack of regulation of digital currencies.

But that doesn’t mean their customers aren’t asking. According to a Financial Planning Association (FPA) poll released in June, over half of the advisers indicated clients inquired about the asset in the previous six months, opposed to 17% in 2020.

According to Ben Cruikshank, CEO of Flourish, a technology platform built for investment advisers that recently introduced a cryptocurrency service, financial advisors were quite concerned about crypto three years ago. They discouraged their customers from purchasing the dangerous commodity at all.

The world has changed. Six months ago, advisers were primarily interested in Bitcoin. Cruikshank said that nearly every company he talks with at Flourish is now intrigued in Bitcoin and Ethereum.

“Advisors are now paying attention to this space,” he says. “They simply cannot wait any longer.”

  1. The crypto market will see a significant correction.

Given that the cryptocurrency market is mainly driven by hope and anticipation rather than anything actual, investors should brace themselves for a significant drop in 2022.

To commence with, history shows that reversions are prevalent. The total worth of all virtual money has increased by over 1,500% in the last 21 months. Still, we haven’t seen any significant increase in blockchain acceptance or crypto payment use, except El Salvador, which approved Bitcoin (CRYPTO: BTC) as legal cash.

To expand on this point, during moments of volatility, the bitcoin market has been unable to dissociate from the stock market. Even though investors may regard digital currencies as distinct entities in their own right or even as a protection against the stock market, statistics demonstrate digital currencies follow when the share market falls. This is discussed since several variables demonstrate that a double-digit percentile stock demand correction may be on the perspective.

Investors should be concerned about the usage of margin in the cryptocurrency industry. With some cryptocurrency exchanges providing their clients with up to 100 times leverage on their cash balance, one rapid move in the wrong way may send margin requirements rippling across the market.

  1. New home for bitcoin.

As previously said, Bitcoin gained a significant lift in 2021 after El Salvador became the first government to recognise it as legal cash in September.

Over the last decade, the nation’s biggest cryptocurrency by market valuation has reaped several first-mover benefits, but being recognised as legal currency by any country was an actual first.

It’s pretty likely that by 2022, at least some, if not more, nations will be experimenting with Bitcoin as a legitimate form of currency. The answer is simple: most countries’ inflation rates are skyrocketing.

Prices for goods are rising as governments worldwide create money and implement spending plans to keep their businesses afloat during the epidemic. With its limited coin stockpile of 21 million, Bitcoin is seen as a potential hedge against hyperinflation.

Furthermore, other countries will utilise El Salvador as a model for implementing Bitcoin in their own countries. While Bitcoins has been hailed as the money of the future, their implementation in El Salvador has been marred by technical difficulties and multiple theft attempts.

Other nations will be capable of learning from El Salvador’s failures, which may encourage them to embrace the world’s most significant digital currency as legal money.

  1. There will be new regulations.

Of course, additional regulation would make it simpler for financial advisors to approach cryptocurrencies – and experts predict that will happen as well.

According to Patrick Haggerty, president at Klaros Group, a banking and finance advice and investment business, financial authorities will release a slew of new laws and enforcement measures, which will generate confusion but will finally push crypto deeper into the mainstream.

Securities regulation has long been a source of consternation in the crypto space, as it is unclear whether crypto must be treated as a commodity, security, or something entirely different. It’s unclear whether we’ll get clarity there. Still, the SEC has taken an aggressive stance, and they’ll likely create clarity through policing rather than releasing a road map for people, according to Haggerty.

Defi, or decentralised finance, refers to a wide range of investment instruments that can be easily accessed via a blockchain network rather than traditional intermediaries such as banks. Defi resembles standard finance systems in many ways, but without the regulatory constraints that traditional finance systems face.

  1. More number women investors

According to research, the average crypto investor’s profile will change dramatically by 2022. The average bitcoin owner is a 38-year-old guy earning around $111,000 per year, but this is about to change.

Almost two-thirds of people are crypto-curious, which means they do not own the crypto but also are curious to learn more or possess digital assets shortly. According to the report, just 26% of existing cryptocurrency holders are women.

  1. More major retailers will begin to accept cryptocurrency.

In the year, we saw more businesses join the vast number of those accepting cryptocurrency as a method of money.

According to Sung Choi, vice president of corporate development at Coinme, 2022 might be when purchasing cryptocurrency becomes a reality. AMC, Amazon, and Walmart are all looking for blockchain and cryptocurrency expertise to help them improve their digital currency initiatives.

According to Sung, consumers live increasingly digital lives and may have cryptocurrency they’d like to spend. However, there are hazards; businesses may need to seek the assistance of a third-party vendor for more Bitcoin Profit, who will charge their own cost.

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