Top 10 Ethereum Token Airdrops in 2022

Crypto Briefing provided a list of 10 De-Fi startups expecting to airdrop tokens to early adopters in January. To date, three of the 10 companies on the list have dispersed bitcoins, netting new customers thousands of dollars in digital assets.

The first app on our list to award its users was Instadapp, which gave out 11,000,000 INST tokens to Maker DAO and Ethereum users. In November, Paraswap distributed 150 million PSP tokens to loyal clients. MetaMask has regularly indicated that an airdrop may be on the way but has remained tight-lipped about who will be eligible and when it will likely happen.

As with all airdrops, nothing is certain because elements like eligibility rules are so difficult to predict, particularly after a series of Sybil assaults focusing on airdrops were discovered earlier this yr. Nonetheless, the last airdrop document has indicated that those who continuously become embroiled early are likely to be highly rewarded. There are many bitcoin loopholes you do not know, check out the blog to find top Ethereum tokens.

Ten Ethereum-based projects that want to airdrop a coin in 2022.

  1. Clipper Clipper is yet another recently released decentralised trade added to the airdrop list. It advertises itself as the market for retail merchants, concentrating on businesses with less than $10,000 in value to keep slippage to a minimum.

A Clipper airdrop is much more hypothetical than anything else on this list, despite a few indications. In addition to not having a token, Clipper has announced plans to construct a DAO, which might lead to the development of a token sooner or later to decentralise the protocol.

Customers that use the transaction for commerce or current liquidity may be eligible for future token incentives. Those looking to avoid the high gas prices on Ethereum might conduct trades on Polygon to gain exposure to this hypothetical airdrop.

  1. CowSwap

CowSwap is the world’s first decentralised exchange based on the Gnosis V2 Protocol. It allows customers can purchase and trade tokens via gasless orders that are fulfilled either peer-to-peer or via some on currency supply.

For some time, rumours of an airdrop have been swirling on Twitter and in the CowSwap and Gnosis forums. An improvement proposal describing a protocol token has also gathered momentum on the Gnosis discussion board.

If CowSwap chooses to allocate a token, the Gnosis System token owners may also be eligible for the airdrop.

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Membership

Bored Ape Yacht Membership is a presumed airdrop for holders of the most chosen NFT collections. The venture’s Twitter account discussed the potential of relaunching a token in October, implying that a launch in Q1 2022 is plausible.

Individuals who cannot afford the exorbitant prices of Bored Apes on the secondary market may be eligible for spin-off projects such as Mutant Ape Kennel Membership.

  1. Hop Protocol

The Hop Protocol merges the layers of Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, and xDai. According to reports, consumers that use the Hop Protocol and provide liquidity or stake liquidity tokens may be eligible for airdrops.

Instrumental Finance has announced an airdrop for anyone engaged in cross-layer and cross-chain procedures between August 5 and November 25, with Hop Protocol clients being eligible.

Customers may send cash to Arbitrum and then use Hop to connect to Optimism, saving money on Ethereum fuel costs.

  1. Arbitron

Arbitron, an Delighted conquest of this method, is the next item on the list for a potential token airdrop. The argument is based on the fact that Good Bridging, a recommended token connection to Avalanche, airdropped 100 per cent of its token supply to people who utilised the bridge to transfer cash.

Some predict that clients of the Arbitrum bridge may also expect the same reimbursement at some point in the future.

  1. Optimism

Another Optimistic Rollup business trying to expand Ethereum is Optimism. Up till now, Synapse, and have all been deployed on Optimism; trading on these procedures may also lead in airdrop eligibility. , Up till now, Synapse and have all been deployed on Optimism; completing transactions on such protocols may also produce in airdrop eligibility.

Regardless of what the Optimism team says, many people hope for a token airdrop for early users.

  1. ZigZag

ZigZag is the globe’s first decentralised exchange, founded on zkSync and StarkNet Alpha. Although it only allows a limited amount of reselling pairs, it looks to have a substantial advantage over competing protocols. According to reports, adopters will probably receive an airdrop if the market dictates to issue a token.

  1. zkSync

zkSync is an Ethereum Layer 2 scalability solution. It operates ZK-Rollups and is one of the Ethereum climbing attempts that made our list. Customers who are willing to take the risk can transfer their ETH to the zkSync 1.0 manner, where they can mint NFTs or check out dApps that are getting ready to debut on the network.

Customers can try moving ETH to zkSync’s production server pockets and making swaps on the test net variant of UniSync just on zkEVM to qualify for a possible future airdrop.

Notably, zkSync has acknowledged that it intends to decentralise through a governance currency, which many believe would be issued in an airdrop to initial clients.

  1. StarkNet

StarkNet, like dYdX, DeversiFi, Sorare, and Immutable X, is a scaling retort to the Defi and NFT protocols. The StarkWare team has remained tight-lipped about whether or not it wants to create a token but has not completely discounted the idea. About the StarkWare Discord server, team members consistently address questions on a voucher with “no remark.”

  1. Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains offers “.crypto” names on Substance and Polygon, much like ENS does on the ENS platform. Because the protocol currently lacks a token, it is a prime candidate for a potential airdrop. If the protocol decides to submit a token to Unstoppable Area homeowners, they may find themselves qualified for such a thing for years.


Defi protocols seemed to be the most feasible events for token airdrops at the start of 2021. Ethereum Layer 2 choices and pass bridges favour 2022, ahead of a massive year of releases. Furthermore, in addition to Ethereum, exploring various ecosystems like Cosmos, Basalt, and Solana may benefit early protocol users.

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