A great game for horrible people “Cards Against Disney”

A great game for horrible people “Cards Against Disney”

If you are depraved enough to be a fan of Cards Against Humanity, you might be wondering if they could lower the taste-bar even further? Well, they certainly could! Cards Against Disney is here to destroy any last remaining nostalgic childhood images you may have regarding all your favorite Disney characters. And if you cherish those memories then go no further as you may seriously regret it. This is the ultimate mash-up everyone thought not possible.

Taking the basis of the offensive and vulgar humor of Cards Against Humanity and grafting it to the sweet and innocent world of Disneyland. This creates a game that is strictly not for kids (apart from the adult-child inside all of us) and only for people 17 years old and above. This Disney Cards Against Humanity is as horrendous as you could imagine…and probably a little worse too!

Ever wondered why ‘Elsa’ loved ‘Olaf’s nose so much? What the ‘Seven Dwarves’ really got up to with ‘Snow’ White’? And how close were ‘Bambi’ and ‘Thumper’ really?! After playing this game, you will never be able to watch a Disney Classic in the same way again! These cards will have you rolling about crying with laughter.

If you have played Cards Against Humanity then you are clued up with how to play the game. In this box there are 828 cards in total with 260 black cards and 568 white cards which all fits into a black box. However, if you prefer, you can have the box in red with the question/statement cards in a matching red, as well. The game caters for players from 4 – 20+ and takes between 30-90 minutes to complete though maybe longer if you can’t stop laughing!

This is not one of the downloadable versions either. This is a physical set of cards that come in the easily recognizable box. Either in red or black, this will sit alongside the rest of your game sets on your shelf. That’s why this set retails at $50.00 rather than the $10.00 for the digital version.

So, to get to grips with this game and trying to win, you need to set your mind firmly in the gutter. When some of the cards are printed with the words, ‘Donald’ ‘Dick’ and ‘Dory’ the ‘Lesbian’ ‘Fish’, you know you have to scrape the pit of decency to make sure you come first in this game.

So what are you waiting for? If you have spent many years enjoying the depraved humor of Cards Against Humanity then you need to get your hands on a set of these new cards. Surprise your family and friends by bringing out this game after pizza and a few beers and spend a few hours crying and howling with laughter at just what was really going on in the ‘Wonderful’ ‘World’ of ‘Disney’!

So whether you choose the red or the black edition, the game will guarantee: extremely inappropriate humor and a full evening’s entertainment with your family and friends. How can you resist?!


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