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5.equipment that’ll make commercial cleaning a breeze

Commercial cleaning is one of the expenses that many businesses have to put in to ensure their premises are presentable to prospective clients and employees. However, small companies can barely afford their office rent, much less the services of commercial cleaning in Mississauga. In such cases, the only solution is DIY cleaning or setting up an internal team for cleaning. To do either of these successfully, you need the right equipment. Five such equipment are listed below.

  1. Sweeper

A sweeper is perfect equipment when you are starting out with commercial cleaning, making it a must-have in your office closet. It is easy to use and effective against dirt and grime. With an ergonomic handle, the machine sucks dirt instantly and makes cleaning a piece of cake. What’s more, it works on all kinds of floors; concrete, tiles, marble, etc.

  1. Pressure washers

Got a lot of muck in the outdoors of your office? Pressure washers are just what you need. This cleaning equipment is easy to use; one look at the user manual, and you’re ready to get cleaning. From cleaning tough stains on concrete floors to washing your fleet of cars, pressure washers are multi-utilitarian. You can get them in two variants: electric-powered and gas-powered.

  1. Floor scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are your hack to get sparkling floors. While a mop can help you keep the floors clean, a floor scrubber is a good investment if you have a lot of ground to cover. These mostly come battery-powered, which means you have no mess of the wires and move around with greater ease. This cleaning equipment comes in two variants: walk-behind and ride-on sweepers.

  1. Carpet extractors

If you have carpeted floors in your office, know that you will need frequent and regular cleaning. This is so due to the amount of allergens carpets usually hold in them—more than your doormat! Regular carpet cleaning methods may not work here, but carpet extractors will. This cleaning equipment will extract even the toughest grime.

  1. wet/dry vacuum

Vacuum cleaners are a staple in any cleaning closet, be it home or office. These are one of the simplest cleaning equipment, and anyone with the least experience can operate it and get rid of tough stains and grime. Those designed for commercial purposes are built to clean for hours and vast expanses.


Office cleaning can be a task. However, when you form an internal team for cleaning or take it up yourself, you can save on expensive cleaning services. That said, having the right equipment and knowing the right technique are important. This is where professionals have the upper hand. Give yourself an extra advantage by investing in these five pieces of equipment and keep your premises sparkling clean.

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