Perfect Pair of Heels

A Guide to buying the Perfect Pair of Heels

Since time immemorial, heels have been the feminine symbol for power. Every woman should own a pair of perfect heels that elevate her posture and confidence. However, deciding to buy women’s shoes, especially online, is a difficult task. Finding the right fit, design, and comfort takes hours of trial in-store – precious time that not everyone has. With the right guide and tips, one can easily pick out the perfect pair online and spend lesser time on the process.

Everyone’s dealt with painful shoe-bites or loose heels. Walking in heels is quite the task, and a sizing issue can make your sexy strut look like a pitiful balancing game. Here are a few tips like minimalist watches that can help one avoid this embarrassing situation.

The Right Size Matters

The perfect pair of heels are much like Cinderella’s pair. Anything too tight or too loose can give you backaches and a wonky walk.

Bunions and shoe bites are only the beginning of one’s experience with tight heels, and walking on needles is not a pleasant experience either.

On the other hand, a loose heel can make maintaining balance difficult and lead to sprained ankles.

In stores, try walking in the heels for at least ten to twenty metres and decide if the fit is comfortable. This walking test can help determine if one needs a larger or smaller size.

With online stores, many brands offer a size-to-measurement conversion chart. Referring to this can solve many issues, and easy return policies mean that carrying out the walking test at home is easy.

Toe Space 

Cramping toes into a small space may not feel uncomfortable at first but can lead to ugly feet. Bunions and shoe bites can not only get very painful but also keep you from feeling confident in open-toed shoes. Before committing to a pair of heels, ensure that there is sufficient space for your toes. If these heels are close-toed, remember to keep nails trimmed and well-groomed to prevent any painful cuts.

Toe space is crucial before you buy women’s shoes because poor choices can even lead to arthritis.

Heel Height

Tall heels can exacerbate any pre-existing health issues. Buying a pair of heels that will be uncomfortable can be wasteful and ruin this experience for you. For work and regular wear, a heel height of about four to five inches is perfect. Modelling and night events can call for higher heels, but ensure you are comfortable before making the purchase.


The best materials for heels are genuine suede and leather. Although this might be expensive, they feel good and fit well. They’re durable and have a finished look that will boost your confidence.

On the other hand, they do not work well when exposed to water. In rainy regions, synthetic textiles can work better.

Verified Brands

Heels are known to be strappy and having bad-quality products make them easier to break. Verified brands conduct quality checks and ensure that their shoes are durable. This way, one can make the most out of their investment.

Maintaining the Perfect Pair of Heels

  1. Do not drive while wearing heels.
  2. Store the heels in a moist-free cabinet away from direct sunlight.
  3. Do not wear the same pair regularly or too often.
  4. Wipe down dusty heels frequently.
  5. Sprinkle baking soda into closed-toed shoes to get rid of unpleasant odours.
  6. Use heel savers to protect heels from sinking into soft ground.

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