Titanium Elastic Nailing System

A Guide to Titanium Elastic Nailing System

Titanium elastic nails are used for the intramedullary nailing of fractures to ensure the stability and correct positioning of broken bones until they heal. The main purpose of using elastic nails is bone consolidation.

The surgery performed using Titanium Elastic Nails is minimally invasive. The principle behind this surgery is the insertion of two equal-sized elastic nails symmetrically into the metaphysis. Also, you can prefer the Titanium exhausts that offer lightweight durability, corrosion resistance, enhanced performance, and a unique aesthetic. They improve vehicle efficiency and provide a distinctive sound while withstanding high temperatures.

Uses of Titanium Elastic Nails

Elastic nails are most commonly used for the treatment of pediatric long bone fractures. While on the other hand, in adults, the use of these nails is generally limited for clavicle and forearm fractures.

Indications of Titanium Elastic Nails in Pediatrics

  • Diaphyseal fractures
  • Certain metaphyseal fractures of long bones
  • Epiphyseal fractures
  • Complex clavicular fractures
  • Open fractures
  • Pathologic fractures

Indications of Titanium Elastic Nails in Adults

  • Diaphyseal fractures in upper extremity
  • Clavicle shaft fractures

The common use of elastic nails in adults is the osteosynthesis of clavicle, forearm, and humerus fractures.

How Titanium Elastic Nails work?

Titanium elastic nails are known to work by providing flexural, axial, transitional, and rotational stability. All these parameters are important to achieve the best results.

How to Select the Right Elastic Nail?

Titanium elastic nails are available in different diameters and choosing the correct size holds the most importance to achieve optimal results. To get the correct size, the first thing one needs to do is measure the medullary canal’s narrowest diameter using a ruler. The nail diameter chosen should not be more than 40 percent of the canal’s width. Whereas, the actual size of the elastic nail will depend upon the patient’s anatomy and age.

Note: Both the nails must be of the same diameter to ensure correct alignment.

Nail Insertion

When we talk about nail insertion in femoral bone, the nails are first contoured into a bow-shaped structure where the tips point towards their concave side. Contouring can either be done manually or using a plate-bending press.

The titanium elastic nails will connect the inner bone at three positions where their apex will be at the level of the fracture. This posture of elastic nails is the correct one inside the femoral bone. This position provides optimum resistance against misaligning forces. Another point to be considered here is that the bow-shape of both the nails must be similar to maintain balance.

To insert titanium elastic nails, an entry hole is created using an awl near the cortex. The hole is created with a rotating motion and then lowering the awl at an angle of 45 degrees relative to the shaft axis. Continuous penetration of cortical bone is done at an upward angle to ensure smooth entry of the titanium elastic nails.

Once inserted, the extra part of the nail can be cut for proper positioning. After nail insertion, end caps are applied to the external part to prevent nail migration and irritation of soft tissues.

Where to get Quality Titanium Elastic Nails from?

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Titanium elastic nailing system is most commonly used for the treatment of long-bone fractures in children and adults. It involves the use of appropriate size titanium elastic nails that are inserted at the site of injury to hold fractured bones in correct alignment and provide support for healing.

In this post, we have discussed what titanium elastic nails are, for which purposes they are used, and some of the best practices of using them. We hope your purpose of coming on this post has been fulfilled and if this is the case, our goal of creating this post has been fulfilled as well.

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