A Short Guide on Fxpro Minimum Deposit

If you’re considering trading with FxPro, our in-depth FxPro review is the best place to start collecting information.

Once you’ve done that, this guide will be a great resource for learning more about the details of a few of the broker’s departments. We’ll focus on the significant components of the broker that you should be aware of.

It will provide a lot of information regarding the FxPro minimum deposit requirement and the broker’s funding options.

What is the minimum deposit at FxPro?

The minimum deposit at FxPro is $100. Excluding the FxPro VIP account, this sum remains constant across all account types offered by FxPro. There is no difference based on your location, and with the various base currencies accessible, there is little chance of incurring a conversion cost. Moreover, the FxPro has received over 70 international broker awards from its very beginnings.

  • FxPro MetaTrader Account 

All traders who want to use the FxPro MetaTrader Account can do so from anywhere in the world. However, the account type allows you to trade for MT4 or MT5, both of the industry’s most regarded and successful trading platforms.

According to the base currency, the FxPro broker minimum deposit for this account is 100 EUR/USD/GBP/CHF/PLN. If the location is in Japan, the minimum is 10,000 JPY required.

  • FxPro Online Betting Account (Edge Account)

The FxPro Edge account is a recent addition to the FxPro account family. This account type allows for spread betting and is usually only available to UK traders.

The permissible minimum is the same amount as before, which is 10,000 JPY or 100 EUR/USD/GBP/CHF/PLN.

  • VIP Account at FxPro

The FxPro VIP account is the last account type to select. However, this account is for high-level traders and requires a minimum deposit of USD 50,000 or the same in your base currency. As an outcome, this account type has the lowest commissions and the best spread rates.

FxPro Deposit and Funding Options

When it comes to controlling your account, as you might think from any of the best forex trading cheap minimum deposit forex brokers, you have a range of options. Here are the options for making a minimum deposit with FxPro.

  • Bank Transfer

The first FxPro payment option is bank transfer, which is the standard technique used by all reputable brokers. There are still no costs linked to the deposits, and they are accessible worldwide. With that stated, your bank may charge you a fee for the transaction, so it’s best to double-check with them instead.

Depending on your jurisdiction and area, a wide choice of currencies is available. It contains this USD, EUR, and GBP, which are all widely accepted worldwide. All locations accept CHF, JPY, PLN, and AUD, while ZAR is accepted by both the CySEC and the SCB government regulators.

  • Debit/Credit Cards

FxPro accepts credit and debit card transactions from all over the world.

The minimum deposit for FxPro changes based on which currency you deposit, although in general, the minimal deposit amount is 100 in the selected deposit currency. Excluding the Japanese Yen, which sets the minimum deposit of 10,000 Yen. This type of deposit with FxPro is almost quick, taking no more than 10 minutes to complete.

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