Addiction Answers

Addiction Answers: What Are Some Solutions for Addiction?

If you have a loved one who is suffering from drug addiction, then you might be searching for a quick and effective solution for the issue. But it isn’t as simple as putting them through a detox program and then saying goodbye to old troubles. If only if it were that easy…

Addiction by definition is a much more complicated and sticky problem and needs a holistic community solution to it. Read on to see what you can do to help your loved one so their addiction doesn’t become a repetitive problem.

Remember That Detox Is a Long-Term Process

If your loved one has been addicted to drugs or something else for a long-time, it will take a while for their body to release all the toxins stored in their fat cells. Even if they stop taking the drug, the drugs are still stored in their fat cells and will be unleashed back into their system any time they burn fat cells.

That’s why you need to find a recovery center that performs substance abuse treatment by removing those drug residues from your loved one’s body preemptively. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you can wash your hands off your loved ones and leave them entirely up to the treatment center.

Your loved one will need your constant support, and care to stay solidly on the path to recovery.

Help Them Learn Some Suitable Life Skills

Another thing that a lot of addicted folks are missing is life skills to allow them to integrate back into society and also to deal with life and its myriad problems without the use of drugs or other substances. They are so used to having this crutch that they wouldn’t know how to deal with life’s downfalls and disappointments without them.

That’s why it’s important to help them build these life skills from the get-go. It could be as simple as building a meditation or yoga practice. Or maybe you could help join a running group to let go of frustrations. Or you can join a singing or knitting lesson with them, using creativity as a buffer to life’s hardships.

Whatever it might be, it needs to become a long-term part of their toolkit, so they can always fall back upon it whenever life throws a curveball at them. At first, it won’t be natural for them, of course. But as time goes on, they will use these life skills as a natural part of recovering from losses.

Addiction Recovery Is Just the Beginning

Even though it might seem like addiction has become a normal and acceptable part of your loved one’s life, remember that recovery from addiction is only the first step in their journey. There is a lot more they have to accomplish in their life and time is ticking.

They will need your utmost support during this time, so you need to prepare yourself by building up your resilience and resources as well.

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