Split AC System

Advantages of Split AC System

A split AC condition system comes in two parts. An outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These two parts work in conjunction to provide cool air maintaining the temperature inside a room. There are many reasons Australians buy a split AC system. Some of these reasons are stated below.

Advantages of Buying Split AC System

A split AC system can be beneficial in many ways. To keep your house cool or your air fresh and clean, people buy split AC units for many different reasons. Some buy split AC units because they live alone and want cooling to be centered in their room only. However, different people have different reasons to invest in a split AC system. Here are a few top reasons.

1. Easier Installation Process

If you live alone with fewer guests visiting your house, you can benefit from owning a split AC system. Moreover, a split AC system is easier to install compared to other options. This is because the outer is placed in an open area while the inner is attached to the wall with the help of wall hangings. The entire process takes less than 30 minutes, and perhaps, this is why most people buy split systems.

2. Greater energy Efficiency

Contrary to popular belief, split AC systems are more energy-efficient than most people assume. This is because they have set temperature controls, and split systems are designated to cool off a single area of the house to utilize less energy. Moreover, if you have one or two split systems in your house, your electricity bill will be less compared to installing ducted air conditioning. In addition, a leaking duct can decrease cooling by 30% and increase energy consumption because the duct cooling system works extra hard to create appropriate temperatures in the room.

3. They Blend With Your Décor

Split systems comfortably blend with your walls and your home décor. There are different variety of split systems you can buy to enhance the look of your house. Moreover, split systems come in unique colours and designs to compliment your house’s furniture and overall aesthetics. So, if you are afraid that a split system will ruin the visual appeal of your house, think again.

4. Increased Security

There are many different kinds of AC systems available, but they are not secure for your house. For instance, a window AC unit leaves a large opening once the system is removed, and intruders can easily make their way inside your house. On the other hand, split systems make small holes in your wall to hang the inner unit.

Concluding Thoughts

Ductless air conditioning is excellent for renovation where a duct is not feasible. Moreover, old houses with inadequate ducts and electric wiring can lead to short circuits if you buy a ducted air conditioning system. In these cases, a split system is best for your home. Plus, if you live alone or with a few residents, you don’t need a ducted air conditioning system.

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