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The Top 5 Website Design Online Software To Help You Design Faster

Do you know a company’s website represents the brand? It is the first step to connect with your audiences. Keeping that in mind, a site should be attractive and creatively designed without worrying about coding. Wouldn’t that be great? Imagine you had a tool for website designs online to build your page as you desire without hiring a developer. How convenient it would be if something like that existed. For your information, you can do so by using the top tools for web app design online. Check out the top designing software here!

1.   Wondershare Mockitt

It is a suitable tool to help in prototyping website layout design online which you can use to increase productivity by co-editing and co-managing projects for your company. It has the power to present your idea in a unique way boosting your designing journey. The tool can validate concepts and is supported to be used on all devices, like Linus, Mac, and Windows. It uses 128-bit SSL encryption technology, so there is no loss of data or security breach.

It gives you good control over your elements and also offers a unique toggle. If you want to reconstruct your site using your creative skills, why don’t you go with Wondershare Mockitt? It is an intuitive and powerful page designer through which you can design a lovely layout. After completing the website, go for real-time collaboration, and see your website and edit if required. It can create a site easily as the software has a bunch of tools.


  • Powerful table function
  • Tool iteration roadmap
  • Multiple preview modes
  • Online comment box
  • Easy to edit


  • The free version is great but to enjoy more features, you have to opt for the paid version.

2.   Figma

Are you looking for some exciting templates to grab your audiences’ attention? Figma has tons of options, so choosing one would not be tough. Using this web designing online free tool, you can create different tabs, like your sales page, maintenance mode pages, coming soon product pages, opt-in pages, and webinars. The compelling reason behind picking a template is the live preview of all changes you make. It is a vector-based interface, collaborative, and maintains a cloud-based approach. The well-built online website design tool comes with customized options, making mobile-responsive pages with real-time collaboration features.

Pricing: The pricing for Figma’s professional editor version is $12 every month. The starter pack comprises 3 projects and 2 editors, and that comes for free.


  • Quickly mock MVTs
  • Switch from Linux to Windows
  • Auto layout feature
  • Easy to use
  • Converting static, designed files to an interactive experience


  • Requires good internet connection
  • Expensive paid plans

3.     Protopie

Everyone may not be technically aware of all the aspects of designing a website. That’s why they look for a user-friendly online web designing tool that lets them design a page efficiently. Here with Protopie, you can create websites that look professional and can create an impression on audiences. It is easy to use with customized elements and has both premium and free versions. Using the fully responsive tool, you can develop a stunning site even if you do not know how to code. It is a perfect tool for brands who want to connect with their customers and encompass native app features. It is a perfect tool that will bring your dream into reality.

Pricing:  It is $42 per editor/month for terms use and $11 per editor/month for individual usage.


  • Creates complicated interactions
  • Has 3D touch sensor
  • The standout features can control sensors for smart devices
  • Easy to use
  • Great prototyping tool


  • Less visually pleasing interface
  • Must learn the basics to know how to use

4.     UXpin

Are you looking for a free online web design tool? If so, UXpin is here for your rescue. It permits you to explore the awesome element libraries for Material Design, IOS, and Bootstrap. Business owners interested in designing a feature-rich website must go for this tool. It has hundreds of free icon sets allowing creators to develop the coming soon page on the free version. It supports several features through which you can design a site that audiences look for. If you want to construct a highly functional site following WCAG standards, it will cater to your needs.

Pricing: There are 3 versions for users. The basic pack comes for $19/ per editor every month. The advanced version is $29 every month/per editor. The professional edition is $69/editor.


  • Hundreds of free icon sets
  • Creating free prototype
  • Easy integration with Sketch
  • Dedicated to being used for Mac and Windows


  • Time-consuming tool
  • You can be lost if you are not careful


If you need an excellent option to design lifelike prototypes, use It has several industries related landing pages; both small and big businesses have varied options to choose from while designing a site. The journey of preparing your website is fun and delightful. Additionally, you can personalize it, convincing your customers to buy the products, thus boosting your company’s sales. It is a unique aspect of this online website design tool which you won’t get anywhere. You can start by developing ideas, work on the wireframes and prepare a high-fidelity prototype.

Pricing: Here, five active projects can be done for $24 per editor/month and ten projects in $40/month for two people.


  • Great demos to begin
  • Equipped with the end-to-end designing process
  • A bunch of tools
  • Developer guides


  • Performance can become slow at times
  • Difficult to learn the actions and buttons
  • Complicated workflows in prototyping

Perks Of Using A Website Designing Tool Online

If you want to know the perks of using an online UI UX design tool, check here.

  • Saves time: The software will help create the site as per your requirement in a short time. It will help your brand to keep up with the competitors and achieve a massive customer base.
  • Sharing with the team conveniently: A perfect tool, like Mockitt, allows you to share the design online with your shareholders. In that way, if there is any change required, you can do it quickly.
  • Designs faster: Using the tool is easy and quick, so creating a page does not consume much time. Also, a well-designed and professional site will decrease your bounce rates.

Wrapping Up

These are the five best web design tutorials online to help you build a great online impression among your customers by creating a site. Out of all these, Wondershare Mockitt is the ultimate one. It lets you create new designs and update your website with ease. Therefore, it’s time to create the most engaging website that will be your first step to create an impression among your customers in the competitive world.

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