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Red Cedar Message Boards- Usage Tips and Ideas

Trees add so much beauty to the environment. They play a vital role in the survival of human beings. There are hundreds of different kinds of trees present on the face of planet earth. These trees vary from leaves, barks, fruits, etc. Some of them are famous for their fruits, some have strong and famous bark, and others give the tastiest fruits. Red Cedar is also a famous tree that is mostly found in western countries. That’s why it is known as a western tree. This tree is unique as it has beautiful leaves, tasty berries, and world-famous reddish-brown bark. The Red cedar Tree is useful in various ways. It is used in the manufacturing of furniture, cardboards, medicines, etc. recently, Red Cedar Message boards have become the talk of the town. I have seen various kinds of these boards at different decoration shops, houses, and restaurants. If you are wondering what Red cedar message boards are and their usages then great you are at the right place.

In the article below I am going to talk about Red cedar message boards and various tips and ideas to use them.

So let’s have a look:

Ideas to use Red Cedar Message Boards:

Red Cedar Message boards are used to make important announcements. There are various other ways to make an announcement these days like you can use email, messages, calls, or send a letter but using a Red cedar Message Board is an innovative and cute idea. You can use these message boards at schools, colleges, workplaces, homes, restaurants, cafes, and bars to make small announcements.

Workplace: at the workplace put this message board at the most visible point like the office entrance gate. Use it for announcements like important meetings, follow-ups, etc.

Home: At home, this message board can be used for decorative purposes. Like put it in the living room and write a lovely quote over it. Or use it for different reminders like cooking dinner at noon, son’s meeting this weekend, etc.

At bars and restaurants: at bars, this message board can be used to announce new offers and discounts. Place on the main door to tell people what’s new inside the restaurant.

Schools: write motivational quotes over the message board and hang it on different school walls. This idea will help you to boost the motivational level of students and teachers.

Other Ideas to use a Red Cedar Messageboard:

Other innovative ideas to use a Red Cedar Messageboard are:

Use it as a traffic Sign Board:

Red Cedar Message boards can be temporarily used as a traffic Sign Board. If you see that a traffic sign board is missing from somewhere and due to some reasons, management is taking too long to fix it. Then take this responsibility into your hand and buy a Red Cedar message board. Make a traffic sign like “U-turn ahead” or “Zebra crossing” and put it in the right place. This gesture of yours can save many lives.

Use it as a decorative item:

The Red Cedar message board can also be used as a decorative item in various ways. If you have an old message bold and it’s of no use now. Then take it out and color it again. Now paste your favorite family pictures on it and use them as a photo frame. Put this frame somewhere in your living room or bedroom and impress others with your DIY idea.

You can also find a Magnetic Red cedar Message Board. This board can easily get stuck to different surfaces, like a fridge, a steel cupboard, and any iron stand. You can write different small sentences on it like I am a wonder woman, just rock the food inside and place them in different corners of your house.

As a signboard outside your house:

As we all know that after the global Pandemic, all of us are very conscious about wearing masks and maintaining social distance. So in such a scenario take a Red cedar message board and place it over the entrance of your house. Write “Wear Mask” and sanitize your hands on it to remind everyone that the pandemic is not over yet.

Wrapping up!!!

Here are some of the tips and ideas to use Red cedar boards in your offices and homes. These message boards are lightweight and easy to move. In addition to that, they are cute and handy. Do you have any red cedar Message board in your home or at the office? If yes then how do you use it?

Share your ideas and tips with us in the comment section below.

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