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Why Bolton is an underrated student destination 

Manchester grabs a lot of the attention when it comes to university life up North.


But while it can often be overshadowed by it’s bigger neighbours, Bolton is actually a great destination for students.


The University of Bolton is great in its own right, with amazing courses on offer, a vibrant nightlife and just a train ride from Manchester when you want to venture to the city.


The university is regularly recognised by The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide as one of the top universities in the UK for teaching quality.


Plus, with Bolton being a smaller university, you can expect smaller class sizes and lots of familiar faces dotted around campus.


Here’s why Bolton is the place to be when it comes to student living.


The best things about living and studying in Bolton


Social life


The social life for students in Bolton is only getting better.


With shopping centres, arcades and a cinema on your doorstep, you’ll never run out of things to do.


Local pubs and bars provide the nightlife entertainment.


Whether it’s an after lecture drink or you’re going out-out, Bolton has you covered.


There’s a bigger population of students than you may think too.


About 11,000 students attend the University of Bolton alone.


Plus there’s loads of other students who prefer to stay in Bolton than pay the higher prices of living in Manchester city centre.


This is great if Bolton is a new area for you, as you’re guaranteed to meet people everywhere you go.


If you’re into history, there are plenty of historical buildings and museums scattered around Bolton for you to visit.


With the Steam Museum, Smithills Hall and Turton Tower at your doorstep, you can have days out whenever you please.


And don’t forget to take advantage of what the uni has to offer.


Do they hold events on campus?


Do they have clubs and societies you can join?


Do they have guest lectures taking place?


Keep up to date with your emails so you know when and where to be to make friends and memories.


Student accommodation


Deciding where to live during your time at university can be a tricky one.


The student accommodation in Bolton is modern and fully furnished to make sure you feel right at home.


The student halls are just a 10 minute walk from the city centre and the main university campus.


With great transport links, you can easily visit your mates at the weekend or explore the UK with what you have left of your student loan.


Living in Bolton means you’re never far from both the lecture theatre and your favourite club.




Living in Bolton is great for students.


You get all the benefits of living in a city without the high price tag.


The cost of living is a lot lower than renting student accommodation in Manchester, so you can enjoy your student loan for a bit longer.


If you fancy the odd night out or shopping trip, Manchester is only a 20 minute train journey away.


There’s also loads of things to do that don’t break the bank.


If you fancy a film night, student cinema tickets are often cheaper than regular ones.


All you need is your student ID.


If you fancy a midday walk between lectures, there are local parks you can wander around for free to get some fresh air and stroke the odd dog.


Keep an eye out for any free social events taking place on or around campus. These are great opportunities to get familiar with the city and meet people from your university.


Making the move


Overall, Bolton is a great place to study and live.


With transport links, a range of restaurants and lots of nearby activities, you’ll have a blast during your time at university.


Bolton caters for every type of student.


Whether you love a night out or you want chill time with your course mates, there’s something for you.


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