Here’s why Organza is becoming designers and fashion lovers favourite!

There are so many different types of fabrics that are loved by people all around the world. Starting from summer favourite cotton and linen to winter essentials such as wool, flannel, corduroy and more, fashionistas want it all. However, a new fabric that is creating a lot of hype and demand is – Organza. When luxury fashion brand Zara introduced a polka-dotted organza fabric blouse, individuals were head over heels in love with it. It’s sheer, soft and incredibly pretty, making it a must have. Many designers are not waiting long and have introduced Organza Saree and organza silk lehengas to create some buzz in the market. When a wedding or festive season sets the mood, fashion lovers’ first choice during these times is selecting something that is made of organza fabric. If you want to give your attire that oomph factor by adding in more volume, it is organza that you need.

India and China are the biggest producers of Organza fabric, so it makes complete sense to give this material a try. Whether you want a Party Wear Lehenga or a suit, the material, attaining glory from its unique weaving pattern, will make your attire a truly fascinating piece. Initially, silk was used to produce the yarn in its production and this is why, for a very long time, organza was the indulgence of the royals. Luckily, we have come a long way and weavers have started using synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon, or viscose to weave the organza fabric. A lot of consideration is put into the weaving pattern thought. No wonder designers love it. The sheer beauty and artistic approach make the material even more trendsetting. You can bet your money that organza will not be going out of fashion any time soon. In fact, it will be available in the market for a very long time in the shape of breathtaking Designer Sarees and various other dress styles.

Above, it was stated that organza has different weaving techniques and assorted materials are also used. Based on that, there are several organza fabrics available in the market that every buyer must know about.

Sparkle Organza Fabric – If you notice that an organza dress material is sparkling and giving a beautiful shine, then know that it is the sparkle organza fabric. As the name suggests, sparkle threads are woven with the fabric during the making process. This is what adds distinct glitter to an already shining lightweight fabric.

Crushed Organza Fabric – This one is pretty obvious to understand. Here, you witness a crush pressed technique that gives a unique texture to the organza fabric, making it look stunning hot when paired with metallic tones. This little tip can make you a fashionista at any party or event.

Crystal Organza Fabric – Want that noticeable sheen that will make eyes turn? Crystal Organza Fabric will be perfect to achieve this goal. You can use this material to get a beautiful gown that is ideal for your classiest affairs.

Embroidered Organza Fabric – This one is too a no brainer. The name gives the entire idea in one go. If you have seen organza fabric with stunning embroidered designs, then you know what we are talking about. However, you must know that it is a daunting task to decorate a light-as-air fabric as Organza without causing it any damage. This is why you notice that embroidered organza fabric sells at a relatively higher price.

Material Variations – traditionally, organza was woven with silk threads, but now you can witness all kinds of synthetic fabric, making it more economical and easy to reach the masses. So, if you are considering sharara suits in organza fabric, it will be a great choice.

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