Daria Zelenoff

Wondering who is Daria Zelenoff?

Early life

Daria Zelenoff is the only wife of Charlie Zelenoff. Charlie is the most popular hero when boxing is mentioned. He has won so many awards on winning. However, Daria has decided to keep her early life a secret. She has never revealed it. Though, his partner was born in the year 1988, the 1st of January. According to many couples usually, the man is older is usually older compared to the woman. Meaning, Darlie Zelenoff is not more than 33 years of age, possibly 28-32 years of age.


Darlie Zelenoff is married to a handsome man called Charlie Zelenoff. None of them has tried to disclose the year they got married. Neither there is no indicated duration on which the two dated. Some rumors state that they dated for many years before they got into an official marriage. So far, they have no child. They live in California, Los Angeles, but the actual destination address is not listed. The religion with which they identify themselves is Christianity.  She has never revealed whether she ever dated someone else or not.

Net Worth

The actual net worth subjected to Darlia Zelenoff is not an accurate one. Though she must be wealthy since his husband Charlie Zelenoff is rich. The husbands’ property is also meant for his wife. The latest estimation of the net worth meant for Charlie is $200,000 to 500,000 million. The amount of money earned is entirely reasonable to give one a healthy and good lifestyle. At least they can afford both basics and luxuries needed. Their primary source of income is YouTube, performances, and other businesses. The YouTube channel is entitled to give a fair amount since it has more than 20,000subribers. They don’t own any expensive vehicle neither a home.


Darlie is known to be so much affection by the love of his spouse. A piece of information without any detailed information shows that Charlie Zelenoff might be her first spouse. The kind of relationship they have is assumed to be a great one.

Fake Rumors

There were once rumors spreading all-round the city that she had divorced his husband. The news spread like bush fire. The main source of the story was Charlie Zelenoff, who posted he was dating Camilla on his Instagram main page. It sounded heartbreaking and sad news as far as Darlie was involved.  However, the information didn’t have basic roots of truth. However, he had shared a picture while with Camilla; it’s not enough evidence to prove that Darlie wasn’t in his life. They might have divorced but came together after some little time.

Husband’s Nucleation

Darlia’s husband has so many pending cases in court. He once harassed Jillian Boisonski, a famous actress, in the year 2019. He was also caught harassing homeless people and later punched a certain person selling pizza in the local market. It was very brutal of him. So many times, he is found. People wonder how Darlia copes with his husband Charlie as much as he is termed as an aggressive guy. He will mostly talk about the war when he posts anything on his page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. He also coaches the many techniques to fight once partner excellently on the YouTube channel.

Many celebrities or people attached to celebs will always give updated news on their daily activities and new things happening to their lives. The case of Darlia is a different one. She isn’t comfortable sharing her personal life. “What could be the reason? “No one knows. Though there are just a few more celebrities who will not share their information, it’s weird. People out here are always eager to know the things were happening to such a celeb person.

Detailed information about people attached to you as a celeb is not the only fan to discuss but will also create more fame. On the other hand, maybe she feels like she is not a celeb; all detailed information is unnecessary.

Bio-information on the celebrities will enable millions of talented people to get inspired. Inspiration is very important in society. People learn and gain experience from the most successful people. Most popular and successful will even offer to mentor the upcoming talents.

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