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Airdog X8 Review: The Ultimate Air Purifier for Large Rooms

Airdog X8 is high-end air purifier for large rooms, designed in the US to clean air in large rooms 1000 square feet in size. This Airdog X8 review focuses mostly on features and my personal experience with this air purifier.

Airdog X8 Features

CADR (clean air delivery rate) up to 470 CFM, which is more than double the Airdog X5! This is most likely the highest clean airflow rate ever achieved by any of the filtration air purifiers with electrical filtration.

Among all air purifiers, including HEPA air cleaners, the X8 may have the greatest CADR. In 20 minutes, the X8 cleans a 1000 square foot space without a hassle.

The Airdog X8 pushes the boundaries of aerodynamic design. You won’t find a quieter air purifier than the X8, which has double the airflow of our industry-leading X5 and a noise level comparable to the X5.

When comparing the X8 to other BIG brand products with the same airflow rate, the noise level of eight Airdog X8s working together equals one IQAir, and the noise level of six Airdog X8s working together equals one Bluepure.

Newly designed TPA filter offers a new washable alternative to HEPA filters, which are comprised of non-recyclable fiberglass. Take in the fresh air and feel good about helping to safeguard the environment.

The Airdog X8 is one of the few high-end air purifiers that includes both a Smart Sensor and Wi-Fi. It’s 2022, and I believe that other air purifier manufacturers should take note of what Airdog has accomplished with its flagship model. Smart Sensor is required for running an air purifier in a smart Auto mode, as it calculates the amount of dangerous particles in the air and then changes the speed of the air purifier according to the current air quality level. The Smart Sensor can assist lower noise levels and power consumption over time. The air quality index is reported in both color and number codes by Airdog X8.

The Airdog X8’s Wi-Fi functionality is by far the most discussed feature. I’ve noticed some unfavorable reviews claiming that the app is broken and that users are unable to manage the air purifier. Well, I had no trouble connecting my testing device to Wi-Fi, so I can’t really complain. You can also use the remote control to operate the machine.

Child lock, Sleep Mode, and a filter cleaning reminder are among the other features. They’re fantastic, and once you clean and replace the filters, you should reset the filter reminder indicator.

My Take on the Airdog X8

My house and car now have fantastic air quality. There are no longer any unpleasant odors, and the air simply feels cleaner. Any cooking smoke or exhaust odors are quickly extinguished. Cleaning the filtering plates is simple, and I like not having to purchase new filters on a regular basis. It gives me a lot of confidence in my investment.

The Airdog X8 air purifier also helped my wife with allergies; now she breathes freely in spring.

I wrote detailed review on Airdog X8 at . I share more details there regarding this powerful air cleaner. At that review page I also shared tables help to compare Airdog X8 vs Nuwave Oxypure, vs Airdog X5 and vs Alen BreatheSmart 75i. I recommend reading carefully through that as it will greatly help anyone who wants to get the best value for the money.


The Airdog X8 with washable and long-lasting filters is expensive, but very powerful air purifier with high CADR rating and extremely good cleaning capabilities. It very efficient in removing pollutants in large living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, small offices and such. Despite having the high price tag compared to cheaper models, the Airdog X8 worth every penny!

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