The Different Types of Roofs

Among the different types of roofs, the gable roof is the most popular type. It has an open gable shape, much like “A.” This roof is perfect for small structures because it’s easy to maintain and has many windows. These types of roofs gained popularity in the ’50s and 70’s because they’re beautiful and low-maintenance. If you’re building a house, consider installing a curved shingle from Roofing Companies New Orleans.

Types of Roofs

Gambrel Roof

This type of roof has two slopes, one on each side. This style is more unique than the roof and offers more headroom than its counterpart. These types of roofs can be expensive to build and require special maintenance. However, if you consider this style, you should remember that it won’t be as easy to maintain or construct as a roof.

Several types of gable-style roofs are available for modern homes. The flat-type top, also known as a “saw-tooth” ridge, is an excellent option for a shed or a garage. A saw-toothed roof is usually made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The saw-toothed gable-style roof can help conserve energy, too.

Pyramid-like Roof

It consists of four sides that slope upwards. Its slopes meet in the center, creating a “saw-tooth” effect. While the gable-type roof is a more traditional choice for some homeowners, it’s also more expensive. It’s made up of multiple pitched shingles and a ridge. The shape of a gable-type roof allows water to run off quickly, making it a good choice for homes in hurricane-prone areas.

Saw-tooth Roof

It has two slopes on each side, giving it an asymmetrical look. It’s also a standard residential style. The shape is asymmetric, which gives it more headroom. It’s also ideal for houses in colder climates. It’s often seen on industrial buildings but has become famous for residential homes. A saw-toothed roof has a broad base, ideal for a curved or octagonal.

Folded-Plate Roof

This is an example of a gable-style roof. It is similar to a cone but has no vertical sides. It is best suited for small structures and is more expensive than other gable-style roofs. These types of roofs are also often more attractive than flat-plate-style ones. When choosing the kind of gable-style roofing for your home, consider the style of the structure.

Hybrid Roof

It has two ridges, each with a different style of gable-style shingles. The Dutch gable (hip) style has partial ridges, while an entire ridge is the most common. This design allows for more internal space in a house, and it also gives the place a more attractive appearance than a hip roof with only one sloping notch.

Gable-Style Roofs

A gable roof is the most common type of gable-style roof, and it features two parallel panels and a ridge in the middle. The sides of a gabled roof are generally sloped, but they have a steeper slope than a gable-style roof. This style is typically the most expensive to install, so choose a sloping roof with a slanted profile.

Gable Roofs

These are flat and have a slight slope on them. The steeper gable-style roofs have a steeper slope. This type of gable-style roof is typically more expensive than other types of tin-styled roofing. A saltbox-style roof can be costly, but it’s worth the price for its unique style.

Flat-Style Roofs

The most common type of flat roof. They have no pitch and are typically the most affordable type. However, they can be more expensive than their more complex counterparts. A pitched-style roof is an excellent option if you want to maximize the space in your attic. The downside of this style is that it can be challenging to maintain and can deteriorate quickly, resulting in leaks and damages.

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