After getting married the first joy for the couple is their child. It is a very beautiful feeling of having a child. But when after passing many times women not conceiving then this condition is very bad. For some couples, it becomes difficult to live without a child. And they all time remain in depression for not having a child. But now in this modern era where everything is getting new shaped their scientists also find the solution to this problem.

Now things are changed, with the process of surrogacy a couple will be able to get the newborn baby. In surrogacy, a woman carries a child for the couple. For that couple who are not able to conceive a child. But then the question is arising in our minds that what is the cost of surrogacy services in Ukraine. So here on this topic. You can learn about surrogacy and its price here

Method of surrogate cost

How much does a surrogate cost. The prices of surrogacy mothers are different in different countries. In this part, we explain the method of surrogate mother completely.

What is the overall expenditure required for the surrogacy mother? The surrogate price in Ukraine is depending upon the medical expenses and a package of services needed.

Their main expenditure of surrogacy mother is the fee of surrogacy mother and her expenses throughout the entire pregnancy.It also depends upon the agreement between the two sides. So, it is difficult to say what the actual cost of surrogacy in Ukraine is. These amounts are different from $40,000 up to USD 100,000.

The surrogacy price depends upon many factors like how many IVFs are required. It also is another point is that in Ukraine every surrogacy center has its prices.

Surrogacy prices and fees

In which we described your complete list of surrogate costs and fees.

Surrogate mother price

The search for a surrogate mother and the tests of the couple before the individual IVF program.

  • Contract of surrogacy average cost 37,500€
  • Transfers of countless IVF and Embryos.
  • Procedure IVF-PGD (hr-NGS) id guarantee of good physical condition for baby birth.
  • There is complete lawful support up to the go away from Ukraine.
  • There are also pediatric services.
  • And also child sitter services.

Different surrogacy costs of economy class

For singles: egg donor surrogate mother and their total average price is 60,000€.

Another is an egg donation system with separate resource price is VIP guarantee packages and the average cost of surrogacy is €49,000.

Costs for additional services

There is a cost list of extra expenses that you will require to add to the surrogacy price.

  • Lawful fees which add all the packages.
  • In duplex packages, there is a personal present that is added with egg.
  • Another cost is for travelling of surrogacy mother across the world it is also included in packages.
  • Support of surrogate mother candidate is also provided in all packages.

About the centre

The centre which helps many couples with the new baby is Fesko surrogacy centre is one of leading Ukraine comforts…It helps parents in a very efficient way. This clinic was founded under the leadership of Professor Alexander Mikhailovich Fesko. The professor was working in the field of infertility, IVF, and surrogacy for more than 33 years. He is also a member of the ESHRE and Ukraine reproductive Medicine Association

As a result we talked about the cost of surrogacy services in Ukraine. And also discuss its different method of surrogacy expenditure. We hope from this article you get more information and also like this post.

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