What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do?

If you bought one of the more than 5.6 million homes sold in 2020, you know the process of buying a house involves a tremendous amount of paperwork. You provide piles of paperwork to the bank. Then, you get piles of paperwork from the bank.

All of that is for a home sale, one of the most common types of real estate transactions. Yet, even for this most mundane real estate transaction, people routinely bring in the services of a Estate Lawyers Brisbane.

For many, it’s a preventative measure. It’s a way for you to protect yourself in the deal. It does raise a question.

What does a real estate lawyer do? Keep reading and we’ll cover some of the essential duties of a real estate attorney.

Draft Documents

Real estate transactions generate a lot of legal documents. A few common examples include:

  • Mortgage contracts
  • Purchase agreements
  • Lease agreements
  • Title documents

All of these documents must include certain information set out by state or federal law, depending on the transaction. Certain contracts or purchase agreements also need specialized language or clauses for specific requirements.

Some simple transactions can employ ready-to-use legal documents. Most people will use a real estate attorney or firm, such as Lees & Lees, for customized documents.

Real Estate Disputes

Taking your case to court is often a last-ditch action for many people. Yet, if you find your real estate dispute in court, you want a real estate lawyer on hand.

Real estate contracts and real estate law often prove as complicated or more complicated than other areas of law. Much of that complexity stems from the fact that real estate touches so many other areas of law, such as taxes, zoning, and even contract enforcement.


Many real estate lawyers or firms don’t just draft or review documents. They act as negotiators for the actual deal. It’s fairly common for lawyers from each side to hash out most of the actual agreement and then get approval from their clients.

In some cases, state laws make it a requirement for lawyers to deal with certain areas of a deal.

Provide Expertise

Real estate lawyers can also serve as consultants in that they explain parts of the contract language you don’t necessarily understand. Real estate lawyers can also specialize in particular areas of real estate law, such as real estate taxes or landlord law. This lets you access specialized expertise if you need it for a real estate transaction.

What Does a Real Estate Lawyer Do? It Depends on the Deal

You can get a lot of different answers when you ask: What does a real estate lawyer do? Drafting legal documents for real estate transactions is the most common duty for real estate lawyers.

Some real estate attorneys specialize in particular areas of real estate law, such as litigation. Others serve a legal role in the process as state law mandates, such as closing.

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