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All That You Need to Know About Jeep Headlights

Coupes, Sedans, SUV’s, or Minivans: No matter what type of car you own, it’s impossible to picture it without a pair of headlights. At the first sign of dusk or fog, a driver’s impulse is to tap a button and switch on the headlights. When anyone wants to indicate that they’re about to pass by, it is driving etiquette to toggle the headlights in quick succession. Yet, headlights are the last element that we pay attention to while discussing automobiles.

Contrary to popular perception, headlights are absolutely worth deliberating prior to being handed over the keys and hitting the road. This could not true enough for the off-roading enthusiasts and gear heads. Jeeps, in particular, tend to be driven to wooded or secluded locations for camping trips and so on. In this context, the last thing a jeep owner needs is poorly functioning headlights.

If you’re planning on upgrading your jeep or buying a new one, here are a few useful tips to learn before heading over to the local dealership.

It’s a customer’s market

Believe it or not, there was a time when automobile manufacturers took headlights for granted. But thanks to rapid innovation and technological advances, there are thousands of different headlight systems being offered by suppliers of car-parts. Let’s list out the various types of headlights that are available on the market today:

Halogen Headlights

Headlights based on halogen bulbs are the most common type found in jeeps, and there is a good reason why. For starters, halogen bulbs are incredibly easy to install and replace. This bulb comprises a tungsten filament surrounded by, you guessed it, halogen gas. Although most drivers are fine with halogen headlights, beware as their lifespans are extremely short. However, the 450-hour durability of halogen headlights is not its only downside. Thanks to the physical properties of tungsten, these bulbs generate a lot of heat. Not to forget, they also consume a lot of energy and might end up draining your jeep’s battery.

HID Headlights

Abbreviated to HID, this particular type of headlight system is fitted with high-intensity discharge tubes that is generally fashioned out of alumina. By using a combination of tungsten electrodes, quartz, and arc tubes, HID headlights succeed in generating an intense light sans any heat. Unlike its halogen counterpart, HID headlights do have a longer durability period i.e. an estimated 2000 hours. Nevertheless, be prepared to drive your jeep into the body shop for regular replacements. Thanks to its working principles, HID headlights can end up losing their ability to illuminate the road over time.

LED Headlights

Finally, let’s talk about digital LED’s– the rising star among headlights. Standing in stark contrast to halogen or HID headlights, this type of system – that uses tiny light-emitting diodes to send out bright light – offers myriad benefits. For one, LED’s are undeniably more energy efficient. It is also true that any pair of LED headlights can last up to a whopping 50,000 hours. Add to this their ability to function under any condition as well as their stylish appeal, and it makes you wonder why everyone doesn’t just upgrade to a LED headlight system.

Jeep headlights – do they really matter?

The short answer is, yes they absolutely do! If you need some elaboration, know that a lot of things can go wrong if your jeep has a faulty headlight system. While most city-roads are well-lit at nighttime, the lighting situation is much worse on those remote, countryside lanes. If you’re the proud owner of a jeep, it is likely that you like getting closer to nature and enjoying a few peaceful moments alone. But going off-road demands a top-notch pair of headlights.

Our Final Thoughts

Apart from providing better visibility to the driver, fitting your jeep with the best headlights on the market can provide additional features such as dust protection and water resistance. Having said that, if you still need a reason to upgrade your jeep and throw out the conventional factory headlights, consider the differences in design. The right headlights can give your beloved beast-on-wheels a new and improved look. After all, what’s the point of driving a jeep if you don’t turn some heads?

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