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Amazing Advantages of Open Source Intranet Platform

If you want to increase engagement on the company intranet, you cannot have success only by just asking employees to use the platform. There should be a clear reason to use the software solution, meaning that you need an open source intranet platform that can be customized to suit user requirements. 

Arguably, all organizations have intranets today, including those that claim otherwise. It may not be a centralized system that streamlines all organizational processes but a private network that connects people with each other.    

However, companies looking to promote collaboration and improve employee experience must replace their traditional intranets with a corporate intranet software as an open source content management system for better results. 

What is an Intranet CMS?

A Content Management System, popularly known as CMS, is a platform that helps create, publish, and manage content on a website. In the case of an intranet, the CMS system deals with the creation, deployment, and maintenance of a software solution. 

In other words, an intranet CMS can be defined as a system to enable your employees to use one-stop-solution to communicate, collaborate, and share information. They don’t need to switch between multiple platforms and applications to talk to their colleagues and retrieve files they require for their work. 

Advantages of an Open Source Intranet Platform

Open source is an incredible technology that resolves several issues within an organization. In the form of an internal portal for employees, companies get a centralized platform that helps in many ways. 

  1. Flexibility to Suit All Organizational Structures

Intranets have been existing for over three decades now. However, the initial versions failed because they supported one-way communication and weren’t suitable for all organizations. 

These aren’t software solutions where only the top management can share information.

An open source intranet platform enables a company to decide how the content will be posted, shared, stored, and retrieved. In addition, the organization decides who can access, edit, and modify the content.

  1. Extended Functionality

You don’t need a business intranet that has limitations. The best open source intranet solutions provide you with extended functionality to make a platform reflect the culture and values of your organization. They come with a range of easy-to-use tools and features to manage all aspects of your company intranet. 

  1. Integration with Workflow

No organization wants to introduce a new way of working, which is completely different from its current methods. It is a time-consuming process that doesn’t always guarantee success. 

Instead of a software platform that requires weeks of training only to understand it, an effective intranet platform that blends easily with a company’s workflow becomes an ideal tool to streamline processes and procedures. 

  1. Quick Search

There are many software and applications on the market that allow users to store hundreds of files on a centralized network. However, most of them fail when it comes to searching for those files. After that, it becomes a hectic task for users to look for a file they require. 

An open source intranet platform powers an organization by supporting quick search, which enables employees to use terms like file name, its type, date, and its owner to quickly find it.  


A corporate intranet software as an open source content management system becomes an ideal platform that blends in an organization’s workflow and streamlines all processes. Also, it provides flexibility and plenty of options to promote collaboration, communication, and engagement.

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